How Should We Deal with Lovecraft’s Influence in Games?


Uh. It’s been a while but doesnt darkest dungeon end with the player shooting themselves?


Yes, and then the other thing happens.


Something I find comfortable about the whole Lovecraft thing, and I think Danielle mentions it at some point during the podcast, is that his work is in public domain and most of his influence is fragmented pieces of lore that are used left and right in original work.

Not that it means we shouldn’t investigate his problematic nature and the pernicious aspects of his work, but the way his legacy is being used does really aid in doing that.

Like, simultaneously enjoying Lovecraftian aesthetic and influence and being very critical of his racist views, goes really well if you have the ability to tear apart, backwards engineer and reshape his lore to remake it in a way that it is not disgustingly offensive as his original work?
It feels like being able to disassemble a machine gun and use the parts to make walking cane.

Or is it fundamentally wrong to use any of the material that was conceived by a man such as HPL? :thinking: