How Sierra Was Captured, Then Killed, by a Massive Accounting Fraud

Ken Williams wants you to know Sierra On-Line was murdered.

In a new, self-published autobiography, Williams also says he doesn’t want you to remember the company the way you do. Williams founded Sierra as a telecommunications consultancy in 1979, when he was twenty-five; the company was the body to which his wife Roberta gave breath. Her Mystery House and King’s Quest, interactive stories of murder and fairy-tale chivalry, set a course for Sierra through the rest of the twentieth century as the leading developer of adventure games. King’s Quest begat Leisure Suit Larry; an adults-only joke book by and for boomer dads; Space Quest, a goofy, comic saunter through pop sci-fi, and for those who could not sanction such buffoonery, the fastidious cop procedural Police Quest. The psychosexual horror of Gabriel Knight and Phantasmagoria; the pun-laden cultural exchange of Quest for Glory: novelists have made careers writing about families with less personality than the Sierra product line.

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