How Stream Sniping Trolls Caused This Expert ‘PUBG’ Player to Lash Out


MrGrimmmz is used to dealing with people trying to ruin his streams. But when two players wouldn't leave him alone, it crossed a line.

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I can’t really find an angle on this where I’d find the honkers, or the community members who are supporting them, remotely sympathetic.

Mebbe don’t go screwing with strangers?

Am I missing some context here that makes them not obviously-the-jerks-here?


they should just let you disable the horn sound


Something I can’t find the answer to: what were the videos he put a claim on? Just copies of his stream? Highlight packages? Snippets with the sniper’s commentary? Videos from the sniper’s stream? I’m just wondering, independent of whether it was a good idea or not, if the copyright notices had merit or were just nuisances.


I thought the stream honking was a hilarious response to the stream sniping controversy from the week before.

I really feel like Grimmmz could have put on a stream delay, if he was that concerned about stream-snipers. His fan interaction is “Oh hey, NEWSUBSCRIBER25! Welcome to the Grim Battalion!” in about 95% of cases so I don’t think the delay makes the stream less enjoyable for him or the viewers.


I feel like stream sniping/honking is mean spirited, like those prank videos where people abuse drive-through window workers.

He could have taken action to prevent it, but that doesn’t make the actions of the stream-snipers/honkers justified. I could leave a can of spray paint sitting beside my yard, but that doesn’t make it right for someone to roll up and tag my fence.


This really is the only question anyone should be asking about a copyright takedown notice. They exist for when the target is a copyright infringing copy of material for which the person filing the notice is the copyright holder (or their agent).

And that’s it.

Any other use is abusive.


i agree that you can probably just do the 5 min delay or whatever twitch has built in for partners and immediately solve like 90% of this

also i feel like the idea of stream honking is hilarious but the video wasn’t very good? it was too long and edited in such a way that it felt like the guys thought they were the funniest people on planet earth. i dunno


I think that’s probably true of the majority of people who would describe themselves as trolls.

But also, a five minute stream delay basically means you can’t interact with chat in a meaningful way, which kills business. (Which is, for a lot of people, what streaming is.) It hurts the show. It makes it demonstrably worse at why streaming is growing so quickly.


For good or for ill, I do think a rapid turnaround on Twitch chats is part of the show. Being able to see your name pop up when you push that subscribe button or commenting and getting a response from the streamer is a part of the appeal. Plus, beyond PUBG, for the host, their work becomes harder when any comments that pertain to gameplay have to be filtered through “oh, you thought my play on this turn was wrong? Which turn was that, again?” (using Hearthstone as an example).

I do think that people shouldn’t stream snipe and shouldn’t encourage others to do it. While there’s potential for entertainment, a lot of it (as @swords said above) can be overblown by the people doing it. More often than not, it can sap the fun out of a game for both streamer and viewer, since it moves it from one type of game to another. As for whether what Grimmmz did is right, I think the copyright claim is abusive, but when it feels like there’s little opportunity to stop people pushing at you, I can understand someone saying “enough is enough”.


Tedious drama, poor attempts at humor, and a genuine lack of understanding as to what is and isn’t sportsmanlike, are the main reasons why I’m legitimately surprised that the shooter-streamer fanbase hasn’t collapsed inward on itself like a supergiant made completely out of inane bullshit.

That said, while he probably shouldn’t have thrown the copyright book at them, I can’t say they didn’t deserve a ban. Maybe having that extra time to think it over will make them think twice before overextending the welcome of a joke.


Part of what makes Grimmmz a target is to the community it comes across as BlueHole giving him preferential treatment and how he comes across as an asshole.

In the past he’s used exploits and bugs to kill people and showed others how to do them on his stream, e.g. shooting people that are under water. However recently a different streamer named Destiny jumped from the plane and when they landed found that no buildings were rendering. He then gets in a car and finds that because of this he can drive through the buildings because I guess collisions are client side. Anyway he spends the match goofing around and trying to run people over while honking his horn. The video quickly hits the top of the subreddit followed shortly by him getting a ban by BlueHole. This upset a lot of people because

A) this was all on BlueHole the guy didn’t go looking for this bug and his only other option would have been to quit the match

B) they didn’t do or say anything about the exploits Grimmz went looking for and purposely showed others how to do

Grimmz also has developed a reputation for blaming most of his deaths on stream snipers and will spend several minutes talking about how “gee it sure is weird they knew I was there”. The way he talks about it strongly comes across as him edging his viewers to do something which if your username matches your PUBG name get ready to have people posting on your profile accusing you of stream sniping. Where as someone like Dr Disrespect just moves on and doesn’t care.

Because of the way he reacts and the way the community views him he’s become a prime target for trolls.

Personally, and I know others disagree, I see this as a classic “don’t feed the trolls”. The people antagonizing him are doing it because of how he reacts. BlueHole banning people just angers more people who go on to do it as well.