How the 'Life Is Strange' Prequel Is Giving Queer Fans More Choices

What was sometimes only hinted at in 'Life is Strange' is a much bigger part of this new story.

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On the one hand, yay! More Chloe! On the other, the last thing I need is another doomed queer romance.

I think what they are doing is a great thing, and I’m so happy to see a developer say “hey, this is what our fans connected with. Let’s give them more!” And I’m not saying everything always has to be sunshine and roses. But maybe not two games in a row, is all I’m saying?


I always feel kind of wibble-wobble on prequels like these. On one hand, I love to see women interacting with each other and being important to each other, because that’s not something we get a lot of in media. On the other hand, when the downturn is inevitable and you know the story can only really end in tears, it sort of puts a damper on the fact that the representation is having at all.

Not to mention that I’m not really looking forward to the influx of tragedy tourism from straight fans of the game.

I feel like if there was a happier possible ending to the original game I would be 100% fine with this. Life is Strange, and it’s also sad sometimes! Enjoy the relationships you have while they last! Smile because it happened! But that’s all dependant on being about to play it knowing that Chloe will eventually get a happy ending. And she doesn’t.


I’m very much interested in this because of the journey. Yes, as a prequel then we know the destination. We know how this story ends. That has already been written, that is the established lore. We know what comes after this chapter and before the one we’ve already played.

But we’ve not actually had the space to live in these moments. To me, that’s why this isn’t an “again” point of negativity. The downer was already established. Without this prequel story then it was no less a part of the fiction. But it was only there as brief mentions and implied complexity. The joy of the moments was mainly missing. Something this season can write in.

I understand why others don’t want to engage with another story with a similar conclusion. But, for me, this has the potential to add meaning and depth to the cliched elements that have already been established.

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