How to Vote in Every State

We’re getting close to the election and the earlier you vote the better, especially in 2020 amidst a pandemic and mail fuckery.

Hank Green and Complexly went and made easily shareable how-to resources for every state.

If you need this information or want to be able to quickly inform friends, family and coworkers, this is a good resource.


Here’s a few links as well:


and what to do if you see a bunch of armed people near recruitment drives or polling places, state by state

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wtf…the fact that a resource like this even needs to exist :fearful:

(but thank you very much for sharing)

I’ve already mailed in my ballot here in NJ, but thanks.

I hate this year.

I got my absentee ballot and turned it in at the local election office drop box yesterday. There were tons of people there dropping off ballots. It was all I could do to not yell “I HOPE TRUMP DIES” as I got back into my car. Probably would’ve started a fatal shootout, so I’m glad I was able to restrain myself. My state is guaranteed to go heavily for “the president” but hopefully some of the more down ballot things will go in the direction of decency. Not getting my hopes up.