How would you deal with adverts in f2p games?

I have been playing Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire a fair bit recently, as a free to player. I have no issue with the game making you view adverts to earn things, as they have to make money somehow. At the start I felt the game did a good job of really rewarding you for viewing things, so i was quite happy to watch whatever was thrown at me. The more I played the game though, the more I realised the adverts were actually working against the games they were trying to sell.

Case in point - Final Fantasy XV - A New Empire. The first time I saw the advert I was mildly interested, and the second time I actually clinked the link and downloaded the game, thinking I would give it a spin at a later date. But then the same advert came up three times in a row. Over the past 24 hours I would say it has accounted for at least 50% of the adverts the game has shown me, quite possibly more. End result? I removed the game from my phone without loading it up, as the advert is now driving me nuts.

Now I guess this could just be me. Clearly adverts like this work, otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the usual methods employed with these kinds of games, but surely there is a better way? Even having something in there that says “we have played this advert x times in 24 hours, so we will stop until tomorrow” might have led to me actually trying the game.

Or is it a case that if you beat people over the head enough, they will give in and try the game?

How would you approach adverts in games, if you were a developer?

I have no experience as a dev and won’t claim to, but from a very basic understanding of it… I imagine it would take a lot of work, if it was even possible, to code it so that certain adverts only show so often, or the app recognises that you have followed a particular ad through so it won’t give you that one again, etc, and at the end of the day, they’re getting the money for the advertising, so why would the company put the time in to do this? And honestly that would be my view if I were the one at the dev/company end of this as well, bc, capitalism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can’t handle them. I’m not an Xtreme Couponer.

My 8 year-old niece showed me some games on her ipod. It was interesting how she reacted to the ads which was giving them no conscious awareness. She see’s one, looks for a way to close it, then taps it until it is gone or she accidentally gets taken to another page which she then quickly closes. It wasn’t an issue for her even though they seem to be designed to decieve her with UI semblances. I tried asking her about them and she was just like “I don’t know” she had no interest or no desire to communicate about that part of her gaming-experience. I find it strange when people can ignore ads on tv or radio. I end up watching YouTube with adblock and listenong to the college radio station. PSA’s feel different to me.