Huge ‘Minecraft’ Streamer 'Dream' Embroiled in Bizarre Speedrunning Scandal

In the wee hours of the morning on May 30, Minecraft YouTuber dream posted a 2,000 word statement to pastebin. “I’m writing this in my bath at 4am on my phone so forgive any mistakes or confusing bits,” he said. 

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What confuses me is why Dream’s speedrun attempts seem to have been on a server, rather than single player. IF you believe the idea that they added a server-side mod to increase drop rates (which isn’t infeasible for a streamer), why would you do any serious speedrun attempt on that server, or any server given then risk of lag spikes, or how server worlds load slower?

(I mean, the real answer is “he dun cheated” but like… Lie about it better or just be straight about it.)