'Hundred Days' Is a Smart, Ultimately Poignant Game About Winemaking

Spend enough time with a winemaker and they will inevitably let slip that winemaking is an art. This isn’t necessarily false, but it is kind of a half-truth; in reality, winemaking is the art of mathematics. This is particularly handy when building a video game based around crafting the perfect drop.

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Oh boy, it’s that god awful “Viticulture” once again… A game about italian winemaking that wants to celebrate the passion of local production while at THE SAME TIME it totally disregard the specificity of the local production in favor of some Napa/Barossa standardized production nonsense.

But it sells again the fable of a “vineyard in Tuscany” (even if the screenshots namedrop “le langhe” in Piedmont) so who cares?

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The ‘art’ of winemaking is to try and not stuff up the 12 months of hard work done by those that work in the vineyard. I spent about 15 years in the Australian wine industry too slogging away growing wine grapes.

Farming is a real life rogue like, a run lasts 12 months with procedurally generated weather to ruin your life. Now there’s a piece for a budding games writer :wink:

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