Hunters, Rise Up! (Monster Hunter Rise thread)

This morning there was a Monster Hunter Rise digital showcase which, on top of revealing some of the monsters who are returning (which I would request folks maybe keep in spoiler tags in the event some people want to go into the game blind), showed off a fun new mechanic, the characters in this game’s village, and revealed a demo is going to be available later today!

I for one am very excited about this game and am hoping to share that enthusiasm with others. That’s all!


i am so so ready for this demo today.

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Oh that’s great! it slipped my mind it was getting a demo but of course it will.
I suspect this is gonna be a constant during my 2021 and if I take to it as much as I’ve taken to World it’ll probably be in my top 3 of the year.


This is the one new game I am planning to buy at launch this year. I can’t wait to once again get to trounce weak enemies with Switch Axe and get meaningful progress from it.

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I think this is the MH game where I really try to get into MH and play with other people. Know a lot more Gamers on switch than other consoles where I tried to get into it.


Some initial demo impressions:

  • I forgot how good the music is in these games
  • The game is very very pretty and manages to capture and convey a lot of detail on handheld mode
  • I never played World so maybe Rise is incorporating quality of life changes that are old news to some folks but the UI and quick menu stuff is such a step-up from the 3DS games and MHGU.
  • I love Monster Hunter
  • I really hope I don’t have to embark upon some sort of Mad Max style journey to get this game in March given the state of everything.

For folks who aren’t familiar, the Monster Hunter community is generally pretty friendly and keen to educate and inform newer players; I highly recommend checking out Gaijin Hunter’s YouTube channel for weapon analysis, commentary, and contagious enthusiasm.


I want to add to the content creator recommendations. Like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter is a series where you are extremely encouraged to use wikis/Youtube/walkthroughs/etc. to learn the basics of how the game works and it is far more enjoyable if you do research in order to learn how to play the way you want.

“Arekkz Gaming” had extremely good in-depth weapon tutorials for World, which are probably still relevant. Not sure if they have new ones for Rise yet.

“Jinjinx and Tuner” have really good in depth info for optimal gear setups. Even if you don’t want to speedrun or min/max, their videos are very good for explaining mechanics (like how poison works) so you can make more informed build choices. I expect they will have some Rise videos soon, now that the demo is out.


Bumping this thread in light of this morning’s digital event:

Rise will get a new demo later this week and a big April free update featuring at least one familiar face… Stories 2 now has a release date of July 9!


I didn’t really vibe with the first demo, but I guess I should try it again. I haven’t played a Monster Hunter before, but I have played a lot of Dauntless, where I mainly used Hammer and Warpike. Any recommendations for a good “starter” weapon to try out in MH Rise that gives a good feel for what the game is about?

Hammer is honestly a great way to go, lots of weight to it and lets you knock out monsters and do some sweet flips.
Reading about War Pike, it sounds a bit like Switch Blade or Longsword, and Switch Blade is a great starter, swing away with combos and shoot energy built up in a blast. It’s got some great wirebug moves in Rise that seems like it’ll make it a lot of fun to play.

All the weapons are great tho, I recommend just experimenting if you’re not feeling a particular weapon, and preferably check out a tutorial just in case you’re missing something that makes it click.

Edit: Btw the hunting horn seems like it’ll be super fun and might be one of my mains this time around.

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In Generations Ultimate, I found the Long Sword to be a really good “in” to the game since its basic functions are easy to use. This gave me room to learn the rest of the game, but there’s a lot to learn to get really good at it. You can mess around with the different styles: Guild is just a solid middle ground, Adept has a fun gimmick, and Valor rewards parry timing mastery in a ridiculous way.

But MH is very well designed to give you a variety of approaches: one of them is bound to feel fairly good if you spend some time experimenting (like I love the insect glaive, but I’m not super good with it).

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I missed the first demo, so I’m looking forward to trying it out this time around. I’d never played a MH game until MH: World, and then I got hooked on the Gunlance for a solid two months. A giant lance that also is a cannon is good. Explosions good.

I would recommend Sword and Shield personally as a good intro weapon although a large draw of the game is finding something that you respond to. I will note that the ranged weaponry has previously involved a steeper learning curve and been less beginner friendly. Capcom and the developers are making a real push in publicity for this game to emphasize that it will be more accessible than prior games but I don’t know what that means for weapon learning curves and comfort.

As also mentioned the hammer is a lot of fun (but you can’t cut monster parts) as is the hunting horn.

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New to the series, but looking forward to the next demo as I enjoyed the first one. Does it seem really crazy to anybody else for them to undercut their own game by releasing another MH in July?

It’s a bit of an apples and oranges situation. The first Monster Hunter Stories game was released on the 3ds and is very much the series taking a crack at Pokémon / Yo-Kai Watch / (J)RPGs aimed at a younger audience. The games do have some overlapping fans but Stories is not going for a similar thing as Rise.


Monster Hunter Stories is an entirely different gameplay style (monster-collecting turn-based rpg) and skewed toward a younger age group. I don’t think people are going to get burned out on Rise and not buy Stories 2 or anything.


Ah, okay I did not realize it was a different style game at all, cheers.

Started Rise yesterday and having a great time. I haven’t listened to Friday’s pod yet, but in case they didn’t mention it there, you really should play with Japanese voices.

With Japanese VA, the cutscenes before each new monster are really cool and add to the theme of the whole game. With English VA, they don’t try to do the same thing, which just makes the cutscenes… kind of weird.

For example, this is the cutscene that plays as you start the hunt for the first large monster with Japanese VA:


I am playing with the Monster Hunter language and we get the same cutscenes—I love them. The game’s setting/flavor is really wonderful.


In a game with such exquisite rural Japan vibes, I can’t imagine using the English VA (which is basically like a dramatic reading of the poem) instead.

Also, I love that the Great Izuchi’s intro is basically “that’s when the attack comes, not from the front but from the sides, from the other two Izuchi you didn’t even know were there”.