Hunters, Rise Up! (Monster Hunter Rise thread)

Neat trick with the Soaring Wyvern Blade after the explosion.
I have to admit I wiff with the SWB so often that I stopped using it, plus the attack it replaces is really good!

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I… I’m really adoring this game. I genuinely feel like this is a game series that has just been waiting for me this entire time. I am obsessed boss fights and big monsters, so it feels tailor made for that itch. Every boss is a complete joy to fight. I am definitely interested in checking out other entries in the series. I’m smitten. i just luv fighting a big guy

My biggest concern though is a lot of the… for lack of a better term, numbers game? I’m generally not the kind of person to get pulled in by games about Gradually Making Numbers Go Up, and I sense that that’s where a lot of this is going. Melos Han-Tani wrote a bit about what he called “treatmills” in a blog post last year, with regards to Hades, which is a game I had an immense falling out with for this precise reason. While I think there are ethical and aesthetic problems with this design philosophy, I also certainly understand why people enjoy those games, and don’t think they’re intrinsically bad. But I’ve generally not had any long-lasting enjoyment with this style of game. So I’m a bit concerned about that fate being the case with that game. By all means, if the game keeps me entertained for hours, I’ll be happy (which it has), but am I on the right track here with thinking the game’s meta-layer being very much about Making Numbers Go Up?


i’m not sure how to qualify it, but i want to say thusly: monster hunter has numbers the same way devil may cry has them.


There is a certain amount of Making Numbers Go Up, but I think a lot of the endgame ends up being finding cool combinations of skills, experimenting with the different weapon types, and fashion. There’s a pretty hard limit to how high the numbers go and you’re expected to hit it pretty quickly compared to how many things there are to hunt. Especially since I expect the content updates will still be high rank stuff for a while.


Yeah I’ve never seen it as a Numbers Go Up. It’s more like a Your Skill Go Up & Craft Stuff If You Want To.


The true end point of Monster Hunter is not so much the numbers going up but, as @mango notes, your skill goes up so you can presumably do things like this:*

*I have never come close to doing anything this cool

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Just started the Hub quests and I’m disappointed that they take so long! To kill 3 monsters in the village quests it takes about 15 minutes, but it’s around 30 for the hub. Does this just mean my gear isn’t good enough? I’m just starting 4 star village quests.

That may be a weapon issue… Hub quests do feature beefier monsters but not double the quest sized in my opinion. One suggestion is doing your hub quests as “join requests” so other players can join and, ideally, speed things along.

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Yeah hub quests are just tuned for 4 people, so monsters get that Beef on 'em. Took me a while to figure out the join request thing so for the sake of anyone else like me: If you interact with the board to the right of the hub quest lady there’s an option to “join via join request”, which lets you pick a specific quest and it’ll seach for someone already running the quest with “join request” active, and you’ll show up like the cavelry. Then when the quest is over you go home by yourself and don’t have to awkwardly hang with the party either. Super easy, great feature, maybe a bit too easy to miss the tooltip.


So I’m sure some of you are playing with English audio, which is obviously fine, BUT I wanted to show the Japanese intros for the monsters that you’ll be missing out on.

They’re sung in this really distinctive theatrical style that’s in a lot of traditional Japanese theater. I believe this style of music is what’s called jōruri (浄瑠璃), which is often associated with bunraku (Japanese puppet theater). Jōruri is typically very focused on story-telling, so it makes these intros so much more evocative, especially for the monsters that are based on yōkai.

I get that it’s almost impossible to translate these intros and still have the cultural context conveyed, but I found the English poetry intros to be pretty soporific. And hey, if you’re playing with the Monster Hunter Language audio, the performer is singing in the same style! It rules!!!


I started in english but switch to japanese since it seemed to fit the game better and it’s certainly true for those intros (even if I might skip sometimes still).

This game is strange. It took ten hours to see credits and I thought finally, now the real game begins. Still doesn’t quite feel like that though. I think World had a better, more engaging structure as I remember it. But World obviously also put more effort into being epic and that.

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I switched to Monster Hunter Language as soon as figured out you could change it, and it’s great.

The hub quests are still balanced for groups, like every monster hunter game I’ve played, which personally is a bit disappointing b/c I want more single player content. Right now I have to complete a Urgent Rampage to get to HR4 and im kinda like, nah.

It’s worth noting that village quests, while technically balanced for multiplayer, still scale down pretty well to singleplayer. I’ve done all of the required quests and ones which unlock switch skills or dango solo. That’s not to say everyone can do that, but it’s worth trying if you want to.

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Adding to what JennySighs said above: Hub quests scale to the number of players. They are balanced both for playing alone or with others. The village quests on the other hand are basically “easy mode” and can only be done solo.

How much time did it take for you to get acclimated? I bought it because peer pressure but I haven’t started it yet because I’m a little intimidated.

Hey so a very minor thing: can we no longer edit/change the automated dialogue our hunter says during a hunt? When you ride a monster the hunter immediately says “I’m on it” and other folks say “awesome” by default. Similarly, when someone faints they say “sorry” and everyone says “no worries” or something similar. In 4U you could change this text and I always thought this was a fun way to personalize your hunter and add a little levity in the game. This definitely isn’t important but if I could go back to saying “git along lil doggy” when I ride a monster that would be grand.

You absolutely can, its in Chat Menu in the Multiplayer tab of the menu. Press X to edit shoutouts and it’s the second tab, Auto Shoutouts. I have all mine set to Xenoblade Chronicles battle barks, just as I did in 4U.



Not too long at all, actually. I felt pretty comfy pretty fast.

If you’re familiar with slow, deliberate combat like in Souls, you should be good here. If not, there are faster and/or ranged options that might help you feel a bit more comfortable. The more confusing parts are more systemic things, I think; just stuff like what certain stats mean, what certain resources are used for, that kind of stuff. Nothing you can’t find on a quick Google search, or in the “Hunter Info”/“Hunter Notes” section in the menu.

Tip: I recommend swinging over to the Training Room. You get there from the Buddy Plaza in a boat by the water. When you get there, you can test out all your weapons and see which ones you like!


Finally was able to put some time into Rise over the weekend and 100% all the village quests and am slowly making my way through the hub quests (I could do the special license hunts, but I don’t really feel like it). I’m kind of surprised how quickly you can hit the credits in this. I am definitely noticing the short hunt times. I’m using hunting horn and hitting sub 10 minutes on most hunts unless i get side-tracked by doing account items or gathering materials.

The rampage stuff is very strange. It feels like they took criticism of the Lao/Gaoren/Zorah fights from the older games and tried to make them more engaging, but it just doesn’t really work, at least solo. The zone feels too small and the monsters are too large. I feel like they bust through the smaller defenses almost immediately and then you’re just stuck trying to stop them at the final gate. The only positive I can see is that they are a decent way to get a bunch of materials from different monsters without having to do multiple hunts.


rampage quests are at their best when I am home aloneing a bunch of clueless monsters and at their worst when I actually have to hit them with my hammer