Hurricane Laura Is In 'Flight Simulator' and Players Are Flying Right Into It

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an incredible simulation that lets players visit the far flung reaches of the planet. The curious player can cruise above the city streets of Paris, tour the world’s conflict zones, vist Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, or fly into the heart of Hurricane Laura.

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That is pretty incredible. There is a special flight crew that is stationed on the Gulf Coast who’s entire job is to just fly into hurricanes like that. I have to wonder if someone will mod in some sort of “Hurricane Hunter” plane/mode where you have to do what they do know that we know major storms show up like that. Maybe there will just become a storm chaser group of players in the game now. It would be interesting to see how quickly the weather updates, like would it be quick enough to catch a tornado or does it only really work for major multiple day storms like this.

the game doesn’t seem to be rendering winds at anything close to the right strength in the hurricane. You can fly around and look at the cloud formations but its a bizarrely smooth flight.

That makes sense. I’m sure mapping the correct speeds to something like that would be way more than the real time weather system can do. Maybe at the very least people that have never seen/experienced a hurricane can see just how big and scary they can be now.

It kind of frustrates me how you can’t fly your plane while it’s actively failing. Like, when you overspeed into your engine failing, DON’T CUT TO BLACK, let me try and land the damn thing with no engine.

I’m fine with cutting to black when you crash, that’s fine, but part of the fun of having system failures is trying to navigate your plane to safety.

Well, I don’t think I have a leg to stand on here, having set the time and date in Flight Simulator X to try and fly through Katrina… What? I was 14.

My guess is its the same reason car companies don’t allow realistic damage in racing games, they only want their product represented in pristine working condition.