Hype for "Be Kind and Rewatch It" Neon Genesis Evangelion


After what has been some really solid coverage of both the Purge series and the first two parts of M. Knight’s “Trilogy” of Super Hero films, I am so excited for the crew to actually jump into Neon Genesis Evangelion again. The team as a whole will each be approaching and providing some very different interpretations of this series, and upon starting to rewatch the show myself (I have the whole series on DVD from the ADV FILMS run, as well as Manga’s release of End of Evangelion) I can admit that there is a lot that a critical mind will pull out of this show. It doesn’t all age well, but it’s all worth talking about.

For fans of EVA, this isn’t news. This series is dense with powerful imagery but also shock full of esoteric references to all sorts of religions (especially Judaeo/Christian), cultures, and psychology. Introspection is at the core of this series and so many anime and Mecha tropes are being subverted that it’s hard to track them all without a notebook.

Waypoint’s coverage of media outside of games has been very strong, engaging and enjoyable to listen to, so the Hype for this series and the team’s opinions on it are so real in me. This is one of my most wanted Podcast series for 2019. Other sites will be doing retrospectives on EVA, but none of them will deliver exactly what Waypoint is doing in “Be Kind and Rewatch It.”

So yeah, who else is on this train? Can’t wait for this to happen and engage with it.


At this point after listening to the first episode of their Kingdom Hearts conversations, I’m looking forward to a three part “Lore Reasons” on EVA as well.


To be clear, I’m approaching the whole show (Be Kind Re-watch it) with this type of enthusiasm, so like any anime covered will be awesome. That we were already teased with Evangelion discussion back in November, and that everyone on staff had reactions to the show suggests we can be optimistic about this series actually happening when it hits Netflix. It’s exciting to have hope that there is some great anime talk coming in the future.


I’m quite excited for both the series coming to Netflix and for the Waypoint folks to give their analysis. I enjoyed their coverage of the Purge movies despite not having seen any of them. I look forward to being able to experience something for the first time and be able to hear their discussion of it afterward.

I don’t have the best critical eye for things when I consume them myself so I love listening to discussions about it afterward by people who can see things I don’t in a work. There are many movies I like much more after listening to a discussion or two of the movie on a podcast.


Personally, I’ve always seen NGE as fairly easy to interpret, I guess? Sure, there’s all the weird imagery and religious shit, but to me, that’s all background noise to a relatively straightforward story of an extremely depressed person cutting themself off from the world. It’ll be interesting to hear the Waypoint crew’s takes regardless though.


Do not want to get into spoiler territory, but I find that to be a pretty interesting take on the show. By person, you mean Shinji right? I would suggest that he is often sad, but I felt like there was more trauma then depression in his life. He comes off as deeply introverted, but I would argue that the entire arc of the series is his attempts to connect with others, though not initially by choice. The struggle of that process is the core of the story and I never thought of it as any kind of attempt to shut others out, though of course the final eps of the series are very open to interpretation.


I am very much the same. Usually my first viewing of anything is just for the joy of witnessing it. Don’t put my deep thinking hat on until watch number 2 or 3.


I mostly can’t wait for the internet to explode with Takes when people who have never seen the show but are Extremely Online (I assume these people exist) get to the hospital scene


This is one of those times I have to ask for clarity. There are a few. Are we talking “End of Evangelion” hospital scene, because that one is complicated.


yeah. cmon, man, imagine the fuckin’ takes


I’m very keen to listen to this when it happens. I’m also curious to hear about End of Eva, as someone who’s heard it’s gross and a response to people who didn’t like the original ending, as someone who liked the ending and is therefore never going to watch it.


I was also someone who really enjoyed the Series end for the show, but as a fan wanted to see what else the creator would come up with. I can admit that there are a few weird parts to the movie, but it also tidied up some of the questions I had about the “Instrumentality of Humanity” and broke that down in a way that made sense, something that maybe wasn’t well defined in the English Dub and the not-platinum version of the series. Also, there is a extended edition of the last three episodes that ADV Films released that was also really insightful.

In all I think the movie compliments the series as a whole, and is something that many fans will enjoy especially if they know why it exists and where it is being created from.


I mean, the author is literaly on record stating the religeous imagery is in the show because he thought it looked cool. Its pretty easy to cut that shit off as background fluff


I’m fuzzy on the details but from what I remember Gainax kept going over budget and straight up ran out of money for the last episode which led to it dropping most of the narrative and feeling really disconnected without wrapping up any of the plot beats. End of Eva is less a response to fans (with the exception of certain scenes which definitely are) and more that Gainax got the funding to make the ending they originally wanted.


I went and re-watched the first 5 or so episodes of the original series as well as the first Rebuild movie back when the Netflix announcement came out. My biggest surprise was… how much higher everybody’s voice was in the original.

Looking forward to finishing the series again but I feel like I may as well wait until it hits Netflix.


The voice actors are much older in the “Rebuild” films. That said, I really like comparing the Rebuilds to the original series, they both start of the same, but then diverge in a way that lets you see more of the world, and experience more of what the heck is going on. I enjoy that both exist and I am really interested to see if the Rebuild series ever gets a conclusion.


I doodled this while I was warming up today so…

yeah I guess im excited.


To be clear, that’s Austin Ikari right? :laughing:


Absolutely it is.


I wish I could like something twice.