Hype for "Be Kind and Rewatch It" Neon Genesis Evangelion


NGE was both the reason I got into Anime, and (later in life) the reason I started to walk away from it. I have a lot of feelings about that show, and one thing I really dug about listening to the Waypoint crew approach Netflix carrying it is that there were aspects of their experience and relationship to the show that were so similar to what I went through, it’s eerie.

I haven’t watched the “Rebuild” stuff, but if that’s going to be on Netflix, I may dive back in just to see that. A more patient, considered take on NGE sounds really worth doing + seeing.


I am really excited to get started but I’m split between hunting down a torrent or just waiting for Netflix to get it in April and even then I’m unsure of it’ll be available in my country / in its original language.
Anyone got any solid avenues you’d recommend?


The English Dub is pretty popular and what I am used to, and that entire voice acting cast was carried into all the later projects for it as well. That said, the English voice acting is really 90’s, if you like that then go Dubbed, if not go Subbed.
I would recommend that whatever language you choose to go with you stick to it to avoid dissonance. As for torrenting, can’t endorse it, but won’t stop you. It’s a good show, but I bet you’ll get a nice clean version of it on Netflix where as who knows what actual quality you might find out in the wilds of the internet.


I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go subs no matter what, but thanks for the recs!


Sorry to hear you walked away from anime. There is a lot of great content out (though also some horrible trash). How was NGE the catalyst?


There is a lot of good content out there. I am still a theoretical booster of Anime as a medium, and I think it really enables some superbly talented creators to get some ideas out there.

Discovering NGE was a classic 90’s moment: I had a friend who had a friend who he copied VHS tapes of subtitled anime. So when we hung out, he tried to sell me on various shows and manga. I found a lot it just loud and violent (not really a bad thing, but it didn’t grab me). But when he brought out NGE, he was sure he’d found the one I’d like. I was a classic skeptical teenager, but he was right. From minute one, I was interested. Something was going on, and it was big. This was a cartoon, but these characters were flawed and desperate.

As an agnostic at the time, I was fascinated with the descriptions of Seraphim and Cherubim and the like in the abrahamic Apocrypha. I found it so interesting that there was a time when angels were objects of terror (rather than the contemporary fluffy kind depictions). I was into the idea that the NGE project was a form of theological hacking, that aliens weren’t aliens at all, but the messengers of a disappointed and angry god, and that humanity wasn’t bowing down and worshipping, but instead sending back a message that “seriously, we don’t need your judgement here.” (I don’t think that’s entirely supported by the text, but it’s a place I went with it).

So when that imagery showed up in NGE, I was hooked in a big way. I made my own VHS dubs, and watched the series a bunch of times, and formed my own personal take on “the truth.” I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Shinji’s real ‘deal’ was. I was troubled by Rei. I got involved, and I went looking for more shows. Akira and Ghost in the Shell (though the manga was better) hit for me, but the comedies did not. I was pretty much a dude, I guess.

I moved on from there and discovered a lot of (personally seminal) shows like Legend of the Dog Warriors, everything Ghibli, Grave of the Fireflies, Cowboy Bebop and Darker than Black over the years. But I got tired of what is sometimes termed “Anime BS”. The theme songs are not to my taste. Fan service and treatment of women and minorities can be really hard to take. The presence of so many characters whose defining characteristic is “makes the worst choice possible at all times” was grating. It got to the point where I dreaded trying a new show because I didn’t know what I was going to run into to, you know? And that same raised perception and awareness really hurt when I looked back at NGE. It has problems, and I had to admit that some of things that are problematic, are things I liked when I first came to it.

So you know: complicated. But that that does make me extra hype for the BGARWI take :slight_smile:


I decided to take the plunge early and watched through its 26 episodes, hell of a show. Unsure whether I want to see End of Evangelion considering the fan outrage that prompted it (I thought the original ending was well and good, if a bit too ambiguous about the state of the world post-ending; certainly did not warrant the fan outrage but hell when is that ever warranted?).

Having seen what the show is my hype is real for the rewatch podcast. There’s a lot to unpack depending on how detailed they plan to go with it, but regardless I can’t wait to hear the Waypoint crew (I certainly hope Danielle and Natalie join too) to dig in after hearing their thoughts on the first two episodes on Waypoints (ep.10) back in November.


Right?! I could listen to the WayPoint folk talking intelligently about Neon Genesis Evangelion (or most anime for that matter) all day.


i’m really looking forward to my netflix rewatch, and to finally see end of evangelion. It’s not QUITE my favorite anime - that’s Hunter x Hunter or Chi’s New Address. But it’s one of the few where I think it just about all aims high and lands. I’m going back to 0079 to see where it all began, and it actually has enough of the same strengths that I can see already why Gundam fans tend to call Eva “overrated.” Maybe it is. But I think it’s still really great.

I also haven’t been an avid anime series watcher since high school. I’ve picked up about twenty shows in the last decade, and I probably only finished half of those, and never keep up with any new additions - sorry, FLCL Season 2 and Yowamishi Pedal New Generation. It’s not that I can’t enjoy it despite its rampant bigotry toward women and other sexualities (I’m a big Kill la Kill fan - the animation is just amazing) but I just get exhausted by the televised episodic format.

(Movies, tho? Satoshi KON, tho? YUASA THO)


Ugh I don’t like this - A Gundam fan that likes Eva too


I think there are a lot of fans who like both too! Just also a lot of fans who seem frustrated that in the West NGE seems to have the larger mainstream fandom.


That’s an interesting position to take. I wonder if those people were around when Gundam Wing was airing on Cartoon Network? Because Gundam was HUGE here for a hot second.

Obviously, there’s different metrics to consider when considering fandom, but I feel like Gundam hit it big in a way that I don’t think Eva did in the US.


I’m as excited as anyone for the pod to take on NGE, but I would very much like to remind @austin_walker that he and @patrick.klepek promised to put Hideaki Anno’s Shin Gojira on the Be Kind and Rewatch It list as well. I think it’s a fascinating film that blows the modern Hollywood Godzillas out of the water.


I just imagined a Lore Reasons where Austin Walker, Editor-in-Chief at Waypoint, has to say “Before we can explain AT Fields, we have to understand Kierkegaard” and I think I just gave myself ASMR


I know the coverage will be full of great conversation but I’m extra excited for the particular kind of enthusiasm Austin has when he’s on his anime bullshit.


I find said enthusiasm and unabashed love for the things he likes pretty endearing. More importantly Austin is able to deconstruct and inform others on the core concepts of a thing in a way that is both fun to listen to and also makes a space where that enthusiasm is contagious. Listening to Austin approach these topics is a form of learning, and I can’t gush enough about how excited I am to learn something new about a thing I have liked for so long. Break Eva apart please!

It will be interesting to see who of the crew wants to take the full Eva trip and the discourse that comes out of it. This show is dense with potential conversation points and concepts.

If Waypoint ever does a full Anime podcast I will be there for it day one.