'HYPER DEMON' Makes Every Other Vision of Hell Feel Like a Bad First Draft

I have been frightened by plenty of video games before. I have looked, with dread, at my dwindling ammunition, knowing that the worst encounter I can imagine is waiting just around the corner. I have felt the crushing, wet, and dense atmosphere of a house that wants to eat me. Video games are good at manipulating your emotions and showing you things that frighten you. But in all my time playing games, I hadn’t ever been frightened of a video game. At least, not until HYPER DEMON, the surprise followup to the hit 2016 indie FPS, Devil Daggers.

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Ren playing at 180 fov is pretty :sickos: mode but feels fitting for this game. Maybe I need to revisit Devils Daggers to see how it holds up.

Ren sure has a knack for conveying how a game feels with words. This looks intense.

This is going with Thump and Tetris effect on the list of games that I play when I need to scrape my brain clean.