Hypothetical name for Waypoint game jam


I have no idea when a Waypoint game jam would occur or what it would be about, but I dang well know I would love to see some cool or funny names for one! After all, how could we even have a game jam before a well debated name has been chosen? :joy:

I’ll start: Dokes Jam

Edit: Names that make Austin cringe probably earn bonus points.

Let's Organize an (unofficial) Waypoint Game Jam!

Prof. Walker’s Game Jam Machine


New Jam City
What’s Jamming, Internet
Patrick Klepek presents Jam-Anime


Horny Seedless Raspberry Jam


Tim McGraw’s What If? Games: Jam




Oh dang, “What’s Jamming, Internet” is goood




Danika Harrod’s Very Horny Jam


Grosse Point Way Jam


how about, the ‘wheypoint’ game jam.
haha. that’s pretty good, i think.

oh. also, all the games are about cheese and cheese by-products.


backslash austin underscore walker games presents: the 1st annual backslash austin underscore walker games game jam


Waypoint Game Jam 2


What’s Games, Internet? would be my vote


We’re done here. @Jeverage wins.


+1 for “What’s Jamming, Internet”

If we want to organize an unofficial WP jam I would totally put free time towards helping set that up/organizing. Anyone else interested in actually setting this up?


Don’t be Jelly of Our Jams


And that’s how we get the Velveeta sponsor buy!


(Making) 72 Games in 72 Hours —we have to throw 'em all out and start again if we don’t have exactly 72 working builds entered by noon on Monday


Good god. That’s not a game jam that’s a Sisyphean torment :grimacing: (shout out to Alex Navarro for the new vocab!) I was thinking we could try to get the team to give us a theme, or something and then treat it like a typical LD jam (2-3 days).