I Am In Love With This iOS Fashion Game


'Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen' is a revelation.

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Huh, the aesthetic and overall concept has piqued my curiosity!

On mobile I’ve only ever played Love Live but I’ve played enough of it needlessly to want to steer clear of mobile games in general. Nevertheless, why not?


Starting playing this dumb game because of the article.

It’s the dumbest

… I love it. <3 .

But yeah, it actually IS strangely addictive and fun. And the storyline KNOWS it has a silly concept, so it never takes itself too seriously, which is something I REALLY appreciate. Especially after recently playing/finishing Persona 4 Dancing All Night (which took itself WAY too seriously. meh.)


Hoping that this is not the last time the “fashion simulator” tag is used.
I checked the Android Play store and this game seems to be available there too.


Normally it’s very rare for me to play phone games, but I’ve been into this for the past week and really enjoying it. It does have a lot of microtransaction stuff, but you can do a lot without paying a cent (that said, I’ve put $2 in). The rewards for daily challenges, achievements, etc, all feel quite generous, so I’ve never felt frustrated by the limitations they put into place.

Even as someone who’s not competitive at all, I’ve been enjoying the one real PvP element of the game, the “Competition” area. You make an outfit based on the current theme, and people get to vote on which outfits they like best (seems to last for 5 days at a time).

Don’t know if the codes work cross-platform, probably not, but I’m on Android, ID 100393599 if anyone wants to add me! :slight_smile: Would be cool to get a Waypoint Stylist Association going.