I am more excited for Xenoblade 2 than Mario Odyssey


I am far more excited to get to play Xenoblade 2 in a month. It isn’t like I am not really interested in the Mario game. I think it looks fantastic. I have just never been a huge Mario fan and it has taken me years to really get into Mario games.
Which is pretty weird because I am a massive Nintendo fan.

I don’t care much for the Metroid series either…

Is anyone else more excited for Xenoblade 2 than the clearly fantastic Mario game?


Nope. I tried Xenoblade Chornicles on 3DS and it just didn’t do anything for me (game it nearly 30 hours).

I’m also not into anime-ish games so the sequel is even more offputing to me with its art design. Nothing wrong with it at all, just not my cup of tea.

My hype levels for Mario are a little muted as well. I’m getting it, I grew up on the games, I’ve liked recent entries, but I’ve struggled to enjoy other platformers the past couple of years and have been pretty meh on Nintendo games lately other than BOTW (and I’ve that I’m not as in love with as others). Hoping Mario regenerates some interest in Nintendo gaming for me though! If not I’ll have to think hard about keeping or selling my Switch this holiday season.


I was never big into platforming games in general. My switch is my life at the moment. Mostly because my kids take over every screen in my house and I can bring my switch with me on every business trip.
I have been really happy with the switch.
I guess I like games that might not have clicked with you. I have spent 60 hours on Monster hunter XX, the same on Splatoon 2.

I play my PC when I can for a lot of more graphically intensive experiences but I play a lot of smaller indie games on my switch.

I am also massively into the grind. And I guess if you are not into grinding I can see why most of the games I love on the Switch would totally turn you off.

Hope you can find something in the future that makes the purchase worthwhile for you.


See, I love Xenoblade, 3D Mario, Zelda, and Metroid Prime, so I’ve basically been in gaming Nirvana since the Switch first came out. :slight_smile:

Well, ARMS didn’t really speak to me, but I was never into fighting games outside of Smash Bros.


I really like arms but I find it hard to play in handheld mode because I enjoy the motion controls so I cant get the hours in to get really good at it.


I’d like to be more excited about Xenoblade 2 but I tend to not have much faith in Treehouse joints. Will come down to whether or not any language options get left in the localized version of the game.

Think it would be crazy for a JRPG to not have dual audio in 2017 but that seems like what they’re going to do. If it’s reaaaal good then I’ll probably just import it.


That all makes perfect sense.

I’m just in a very different place where I’m less interested in gaming than in the past in general, where my main interests have shifted more to realistic graphics/art styles and story-driven games (shame XC didn’t grab me) than Nintendo’s gameplay-focused games etc.

Portability also has little appeal to me as it’s just me and my fiance in the house and we have two 55” TVs so there’s no fighting for screen time, I drive myself to work (unfortunately, public transit sucks here) and only travel a few times a year.

I’ll probably keep the Switch as it didn’t cost all that much to my budget and I’m sure Nintendo will put out more games I enjoy as time goes on. I just need to be ok with it going unused for long stretches and not buy games I’m kind of meh on just to use my shiny new toy. MK8 and Arms as digital purchases was a huge mistake. At least I got Splatoon 2 and Mario Rabbids physically and sold them off when I tired of them. :smile:


I’d like to be excited, but I’m fearing about the potential level of low-quality padding that the previous games were lousy with. Xenoblade 1 set a really good foundation in terms of its combat mechanics, party dynamic, story pacing, and exceptionally creative world design. But it was weighed down heavily by hundreds of fetch quests with no navigation, and equipment/inventory management that was downright dire.

Xenoblade X had some of the same strengths plus mechs, but they doubled-down on the existing problems while going backwards on the first game’s design. Instead of being able to conveniently switch between team members in the party menu, you have to find them mucking around in the city. The combat has mechanics like Overdrive bolted onto it which are never adequately explained, and seemingly only exist so that a very small minority of players can super twink out their builds. The story pacing is awful.

I can’t help but feel like MonolithSoft are actively regressing in the quality of their design instead of properly iterating on what they have.


I agree with you on the fetch quest crap. It was a serious issue.
Also finding people in New LA was also a pain (especially in Japanese).
However, didn’t they say that they have improved the quest navigation?

I think what has me most interested in the new game is the Blades. I love that there are all these strange and wonderful creations that are like the spirit of swords.


Ahh. I don’t really know much about that I play the games in Japanese. I have lived in Japan for almost 10 years now.


I’m pretty excited for Xenoblade 2, for a couple reasons; 1, Xenoblade Chronicles X was an insanely good and underappreciated gem (thanks in big part to it being on the Wii U I’d guess, plus the fact that it takes a long time for it to fully unfold) and 2, the fact that Monolift Soft were brought on to work on Breath of the Wild’s world. Both XCX and BOTW have the best worlds I’ve ever seen in games, so to see what they can do on a game that isn’t hamstrung by the Wii U gets me giddy :smiley:

I’m still not planning to play any new games in the next couple of years, but this is one of the few that I put down money for the special edition anyway, knowing it’s very likely going to be something I’m gonna love.


Yeah, I don’t buy games digitally unless they are on my PC. I don’t see the purpose of committing to a digital future on consoles while I can still sell games I don’t like.
It isn’t about the money but if a game does not click I can sell it and don’t need to see it in my collection.


Very much the same for me. Plus I rarely replay things and I’m not a collector and will be looking to downsize in the future as well.


I am excited for Xenoblade 2, but not more than Mario Odyssey. I suppose I generally like the tactile and immediate feedback of the gameplay systems of something like Mario Odyssey more than the more methodical approach that Xenoblade and RPGs in general take, even if Xenoblade happens in a more realtime environment than its JRPG peers.

That said, I loved my time with Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I really only played XC for about 20 hours before I moved onto another game, and I played XCX about 60 or 70 hours – I just unlocked mech flight before I quit last time. I had a really great time exploring that world at my own leisure for hours on end, but didn’t ever get really attached to the main storyline. I do vaguely recall there being pretty good sidequests that took advantage of the interesting premise and had really neat self-contained narratives… But I wasn’t into the main story thread enough to continue to the end.


I’m trying to get around to finally finishing Xenoblade Chronicles (bought it Day 1 lol) but it is a really long game. That alone is keeping me from getting too excited for XC 2


I just want to vibe out to those awesome field songs. Xenoblade had an amazing soundtrack. If this shapes up I’m in, and I’m looking forward to it either way. Mario and this are basically the rest of my year, and I hope to throw in Wolfenstein 2 and AC Origins at some point maybe.


I’m skipping it, personally. I don’t remember when I last finished a long JRPG, and these character designs are quite something. On the other hand, Mario looks like a historically good entry in its genre, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue: That’s IMO of course.


I’m incredibly excited for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 while at the same time being skeptical of some of the choices that they’re making towards it (especially in artistic character design and plot premise). I actually posted my apprehensions for XC2 on the forum about 2 weeks ago. I’m not saying the game is turning out to be misogynistic, but I have found the tone of the trailers/preview content uncomfortable (and at least cause for pause and concern). In that past, I tried explaining why, not to convince anyone that they should feel like I do, but so they can make up their own mind.

Result is that I have very high hopes for XC2, however I worry that they may have made some narrative choices that frame the game in a way that stops me from really enjoying it. Still, I adore Xenoblade Chonicles 1 (especially how that story plays with cliché expectations) and Xenoblade Chronicles X (even if my enjoyment came more from exploration and the world than the plot): so I know this studio make games I love to slowly get through over months and years.

As for Mario Odyssey, I think it looks adorable and a lot of fun, however I honestly find the character designs of Mario games off-putting, and this one especially has an odd mix with other styles added that can appear disjointed. I tend to pick-and-choose which Mario games I play very carefully: Some I’ve been enthrlled in (especially mechanically) to the conclusion (like Galaxy or 3D World) while others fail to inspire me to push through my aversion to the visual designs.

Nevertheless, Mario Odyssey reminds me not only of Kirby (<3) games but it’s also bringing back all of my childhood nostalgia for Space Station Silicon Valley: And that’s rad!


The game is actually being localized by NoE, like the first Xenoblade Chronicles so no Treehouse joint. :wink: But I get your concerns over dual audio. I personally loved the British dub of XB1 so I’m looking forward to this.

My take on this is the reverse actually, I’m way more psyched about Mario Odyssey than I initially expected but despite being huge into XB1, XB2 isn’t doing it for me yet.
The character design is really putting me off, honestly. Ideally, I would just want to get to that story / OST / combat, but I think the designs for some of the blades are just… bad. Not just sexualised, but bad and definitely not sexy.


I used to be hugely excited for this game, but every trailer I’ve seen so far has made it look generic and off-putting. Reminds me a bit of the Tales games, which I can’t stand. I hope I’m wrong.