I am unreasonably happy with my Switch


I feel like I need to tell someone, and my wife just doesn’t understand. I love the system, I really do. Here are some reasons why, in list form:

  1. Zelda
  2. I can play on the TV then pick the thing up and carry on playing immediately
  3. Kids can play, adults can play, everyone can play and join in straight away (thinking MarioKart, Puyo Puyo, even 1-2 Switch, I have parents/siblings/nieces and nephews who are all using it who haven’t used my other machines)
  4. It downloads games and patches super quick
  5. The tablet battery seems to last an age
  6. It has good games that don’t cost loads (Thumper, Snipperclips etc)
  7. It has good full price games (Zelda, MarioKart, Disgaea 5)
  8. Zelda
  9. I had a weekend away where it was on the main TV, then we switched (heh) it to the tablet screen on a stand, then later I was on the couch playing it handheld and it worked perfectly each time.
  10. I have enjoyed every game I have played/bought on it (Zelda, MK, Disgaea, Setsuna, Puyo Puyo, SnipperClips, Thumper and even 1-2 Switch though to a lesser extent)

I am no Nintendo fanboy. Have a 3DS but no Wii or WiiU. Own a PS4 and have had an xbox in the past but goddamn I love the hell out of this system right now.

Still not sure on Arms though…


Was kinda hoping for a major love in :frowning:


I am right there with you. Haven’t had a chance to get it in front of a lot of other people but it is the first console both my wife and I have been fully engaged in.
Zelda is the linchpin but everything else, software and hardware both, are shaping the Switch up to be my favorite gaming device.
I am totally sold on Arms, by the way, if nothing else because of the design.


I wasn’t at all interested in Arms, just not really my kind of game I didn’t think. But the more character designs I see, the more I feel obliged to hand over some cash to the designers. So I am currently 50/50 on it.

Plus I am basically still playing all the games I listed above, so already have too many on the go. Setsuna might be done by release day though.


Yeah I’ve never had any interest in fighting games but… I also never had a real interest in team v. team shooting games and then Splatoon came along.


I haven’t got one yet. I’m waiting for Mario, but deluxe Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 are making the impulsive urge to buy it much stronger. Really enjoyed playing BotW on my wii-u, my rented accommodation is small, so I basically played it in bed. Which was great. With a Switch, I could literally play it everywhere and that’s awesome too…

Just wonder if I should get one before Mario comes out. No doubt it will sell out for Christmas.


Also, not usually interested in the color of my console/controllers but the pink and green Splatoon joycons are making me feel things I haven’t since the N64 days.


anxiously refreshes stock checking sites


I have been watching Arms videos at lunchtime.

I have just pre-ordered Arms.

All in.


Found a neon one at Target randomly and picked it up after being “pressured” by my girlfriend. Bought Zelda cause she wouldn’t accept letting me get Mario Kart for us to play. So I sold some games and bought Mario Kart the following week. Needless to say she plays it handheld every day with our dog on her lap. For that it is instantly my favorite system ever.


I’ve only had my Switch for about a week, and I’ve been really happy with it. Even with missteps like the Wii U, I think Nintendo has been really solid on its practical hardware design - and even through that lens, the Switch as a device impresses me. It should feel significantly flimsier than it is. I love its straightforward UI, probably the most easily navigable one one a modern console. I can’t comment on much else, unfortunately, because all I’ve done for the past week is play BotW.


Remember ARMs open Beta starts tomorrow, and you can pre load it RIGHT NOW. Think that will make or break the game for allot of us.


This is exactly why I started searching for a Switch to buy in earnest this week.


I’ve powered through everything I own and am bothered with owning very fast, so I’m pretty damn happy having played the Disgaea demo and found it to be as good as it is. Looking forward to finally playing on it again, because it really is a magnificent piece of kit. Exactly what I’ve always wanted from a console, basically. Something so inherently brilliant that any game is immediately improved just by being on it.

That ARMS direct REALLY sold me on it too, I’m 100% for taking Splatoon’s approach to Shooters and applying it to other genres. Sign me up for the Nintendo RTS and/or DotA-like(miss me with that rubbish “MOBA” acronym).


I’m really digging the game selection on the store right now. All really unique games that work super well on the Switch.


Also bought mine on a whim when the local gamestop had a returned copy in stock. Got the gray controllers and am honestly much happier playing it in public. Maybe it’s my age, but playing something with neon controllers just doesn’t jive with me. With it all gray, it looks sleek and unassuming.

I’m excited to try out Arms this weekend! The gameplay systems look too simple for my tastes. Worried it’s a breadth not depth situation (over 1,000 different combinations of bodies and arms!). So it all depends on how it feels and if the modes they’ve created are compelling.


The Switch is the console I’ve wanted since the Super Game Boy first let me play my hand held games on my TV. I’m on sort of an extended couch surfing situation right now and the Switch has saved my life. Just started Disgaea 5 last night.


They seem to have worked out what works on the system best already, only a few months in. Bodes well for the future.

Forgot about the Arms test this weekend, sweet.


Yeah I bought a Switch on Monday and cannot get enough of the danged thing, love the pro controller too.


Honestly my only complaint is the price of the accessories, though I don’t know how much of that is down to Nintendo trying to ensure a profit from purchasers if it didn’t sell well and GAME being GAME.

Not that I’m not going to end up buying a Pro controller soon anyway just because it looks so lovely. I hear it plays like a dream too.