I Am Your 2018 Super Bowl Champion


Steep stan here. If you’re interested in a less arcadey more relaxed snowboarding game, Steep is an amazing celebration of winter sports with a severe identity crisis (in that it tries to be SSX sometimes when it clearly isn’t).

That being said, I too want more arcade extreme sports games!


I dunno about celebrating Shaun White. Dude has some icky allegations surrounding him.


He sure does. This thread’s all about conflicting feelings of irrational celebratory pride…


That’s a bit of a stretch. I don’t think Austin would have been as celebratory of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl if Nick Foles was accused of sexual misconduct.

17-year old snowboard prodigies? Sure, celebrate and enjoy. Shaun White? Fuck that dude. I think that’s a reasonable line to draw.


The thing about his victory makes me so mad because as a kid he was my hero. I wanted to be like him. Then I hear rumors over the years that he’s a huge scumbag & then those allegations come out & I hate him. But when I saw he got hurt last year my first thought was “oh no!” I was sad because it looked horrible & the fact he was able to recover & still win feels remarkable & I want to be able to celebrate with everyone else but I can’t help but look at those allegations & think, “Fuck Shaun White he deserves nothing”


As Austin acknowledges in the article, celebrating anything involving the NFL and football in general can feel pretty gross for a number of reasons.

But I’m with you. Let’s celebrate Chloe Kim, Red Gerard, and Jamie Anderson. Those runs are incredible. Really puts to shame what I was doing at 17…


Eh, I really don’t feel guilty about not being an Olympian at 17. Especially for the winter games, you can attribute success to familial wealth and where you were born just as much as you can attribute to talent. I’m Canadian and there’s a huge divide between Canadians with the means to hit the slopes and those that don’t. Good on those kids, but I definitely don’t see myself reflected at all in them.