I Appreciate Games the Most After I Take a Break From Them


Even if my job didn’t involve playing video games nearly every day, there’s a good chance I’d still be playing a lot of video games. It’s a medium I’ve loved for as long as I discovered it was a thing, and games regularly bring me great comfort when the rest of life seems too much. That said, sometimes you need a break, no matter the love.

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I usually take break between game releases or just before I start a new game so that my mind is set for a new experience. In cases like Persona 5 I take a day or two to rest since it was a pretty long game. It best to take breaks from games so that it doesn’t become busy work. Also @patrick.klepek careful not to show Doki doki literature club to family members when their around and I don’t mean cause it a VN but for it disturbing parts.


I agree with a healthy break in theory, but in practice it inevitably leads to binge gaming later.


I usually take one or two month long breaks from video games. One in the spring and maybe one in the summer. I find it a good time to catch up with other hobbies and also just reorient how I want games to fit into my life. Some years I find I need to back off, other years I find myself missing them more. I find it a good way to recalibrate my gaming habits.


I was doing reviews for fraggednation.com for awhile (Lefthook77), and it made me hate video games for a bit. I eventually quit taking the free terrible games to take a break. The continual flood of desperately similar shovelware can ruin your lust for life, lemme tell you. That said, there are some fantastic gems out there that most folks won’t know about as well… check out Trial by Viking, for example. Cheers!


I definitely think breaks are good for my love of games. This last Thanksgiving break solidified it. I had grand delusions of bringing home my Switch and scraping up the last few Moons in Odyssey, and hauling my Xbox back home to show my dad Cuphead and… well I did none of that. All that stuff just sat in my bag as I took a break from games to just enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Then I got home to Assassin’s Creed and after five days away from any games I had the hunger.

There was also a period back in 2012 it was probably my lowest point with games in recent memory. It was a fine year, there was plenty of awesome stuff, but I was just burnt out. I played so much with my semester off of college that I just didn’t want to any more. So I didn’t. I didn’t play anything from like September to December. Then at the end of those threeish months Far Cry 3 had just come out and I figured I’d play it here and there. That period, the longest I had gone without playing any games since I was probably five, did SO much to recharge and reinvigorate my love that playing through FC3 was one of my most enjoyable experiences ever. It just felt good to be playing games again.

So yeah, I do my best now to take breaks, smaller ones, every couple weeks to just step away and do other stuff. I fall a bit behind on some big stuff, but boy it just makes them that much more fun.


I tried to play Knights if the Old Republic and bounced pretty hard after 4-5 hours. I picked up the game one day and saw the save was from almost three years prior. Not wanting to replay the opening again, I kept playing from my previous save. Turns out it was a good decision; the game was fantastic and turned out to be as good as its hype.


I don’t think I’ve ever taken a break from games intentionally. It’s usually just because my life gets busy for a period of time. I think I usually appreciate games most when I’m steeped in a new game that I’ve really fallen in love with and I have an inordinate amount of free time to devote to it. Most recently, I started Breath of the Wild after getting home from college before starting my job. For that first week I was regularly playing for 10-14+ hours straight. It returned me to that child-like state of nearly forgetting one’s own existence while engaged with the game.


I just did this with Nier: Automata partway through Route B. The map is so small, yet there are so many MMO bullshit fetch quests that feel the need to make you revisit every part 1000 times. It gets really draining after a while, making my brain feel like it was turning to mush. I decided to take a break and finished all the way to route E a week later. That definitely improved my mentality while playing the rest of it.


So I had two very positive experiences coming back to games this year. I had started Wolfenstein: TNO and Horizon: Zero Dawn earlier in the year (Wolfenstein before Horizon), but had slowly stepped away from both of them.

With Wolfenstein II and the Horizon DLC coming, I decided to sit down and knock both of them out.

I had such a pleasant experience with re-familiarizing myself with both games. Horizon especially sucked me into that fascinating world. It certainly helped that I was starting to get the backstory of how the world came to be.

I loathe to delete games off my hard drive because I know if I’m not feeling it right now, I will eventually.