I can't believe I did not watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars sooner!


I just finished watching the last episode of the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and my goodness what a way to end a television show! But the reason I am writing this post is because even after the first few episodes of this show I was wondering why I did not watch it sooner. I had access to Netflix, where I watched it at, and could have just used a free one month trial to watch the whole series way earlier that this year. I think it had to do in part with the RedLetterMedia reviews of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, which made me distrustful that anything to do with the prequel story line or characters could be any good.

So I am wondering if anyone has ever waited to watch something they would have liked or heard good things about. I should mention that I am not a fan of RLM now and don’t like those Star Wars reviews anymore.


Clone Wars was a show that I wrote off after the first season but then jumped back on board for the Maul episodes and I’m pretty glad I did. There is some of the best Star Wars in that show although I had to work through a lot of average episodes to find those.

Also the fifth season is not the end. The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions is the last of the Clone Wars episodes. I guess Darth Maul : Son Of Dathomir sorta counts as that was supposed to be animated but was turned into a comic series instead.

Rebels is also another show I wrote off until the 2nd season. Really glad I jumped on board for that. Just had its finale and it finished super strong.


I came to Clone Wars pretty late as well (watched it all maybe three years ago) and came to the same conclusion. Overall it’s the best Star War.


Clone Wars absolutely rules and get across every theme of the prequels in a waaaaay more entertaining way. It’s also in season 2 and on very violent in an adult way. Not that it’s graphic but there’s a maturity to the cinematography and how the violence is depicted compared to just about any other kids show.

Plus unlike the prequels I completely 100% buy Clone Wars Anakin as a cunning warrior/ace pilot/tactical genius kind of guy, and I like that the Jedi being elitist chumps isn’t glossed over in it either. The way they sort of try to hold Anakin back but also love everything he does. I love the amount of times in the show he just cold stabs someone in the back on screen or otherwise kills someone and Obi-Wan is almost troubled but then just like “lmao CLASSIC Anakin amirite?!?!?!” because he’s a socially inept monk who has no other friends.

All of the dark humor with the droids being treated like shit despite clearly being sentient is awesome too.

They made a pretty nice range of original music for it too that’s still Star Warsy which I appreciate.


I like the show a fair amount, but it’s not my favorite. The highs are quite high, but the lows often make me want to turn it off. It took a while for me to get to the point where I could appreciate it at all. Long story short, I was a teenage Fandalorian who was upset his favorite corner of the Expanded Universe had been sullied by a dumb kids show. That anger stuck around for too long and eventually the passion behind my grudge had burned away. I tried watching an episode about the clone soldiers on a whim (I think it’s the one with big scary worms??) and really liked it.

I’ve gone back and watched most of the show, but I don’t really care for the episodes primarily about the established characters fighting someone. I think it’s because we know where they came from and where they end up, so there’s very little tension. Is Anakin/Obi-Wan/Padme/whoever going to die? Not yet, no. Will they win? Maybe, but this is all a shell game by an evil wizard so whatever.

Rebels is way more my speed. I like the Original Trilogy aesthetic more and the characters are more appealing to me.


Where are you all watching Rebels? Is there a legitimate way to watch that show without a cable subscription or buying the individual episodes?


Looks like DisneyXD’s site has all of the episodes with the last 6 of the final season being unlocked later. It asked me for my cable provider when I went to the site but I just closed that window, didn’t seem to affect my ability to watch an episode although there could be a limit I didn’t trip since I only watched for like 30 seconds.


Yeah, I like them a lot, but sometimes the fanboy in me acts up and gets bothered by what extending these characters does to the character continuity of the movies. On the other hand, watching the weird shit like The Ones from Mortis prepares you for the revelation that the Jedi are just basically making it up as they go along.


For me, I liked that the characters were retconed in Clone Wars because I think that a lot of the character development in the prequels was badly done.


I am not sure if you were or are in this boat, but I didn’t watch Clone Wars because I really hated the prequel trilogy and thought that those movies were just stupid and had nothing going for them. It didn’t help that the RLM reviews of those movies argued that George Lucas was a complete fraud and actually had no good ideas. Thankfully, I realized that those reviews were very bad and took a chance with the show.


Nah I wasn’t aware of RLM at that point and I was so-so on the prequels.I like them more now than I did then, for sure.


how does clone wars compare to that weird miniseries made by the samurai jack people? I loved that thing


I have never watched that mini series. According to the Wikipedia article in was released in 2003 and the end of that series leads directly to the events of Revenge of the Sith.


The Mini Series has some great stuff. The Jedi’s powers are certainly more exaggerated. No one in the CGI show is doing Mace Windu Force Kung Fu on droids.

I’m one of the few people that likes cowardly canon Grievous. Like I really liked how he was in the mini series where he just terrorized multiple jedi but the bad guys already have a lot of similar characters so Grievous being a wimp against force users is kinda welcomed.

I think both the Mini Series and CGI show are equally great. If you liked the mini series I’m almost sure you would like the best parts of the CGI show.


The Clones Wars probably is what led me to appreciating the prequels a lot more? They share a lot of the same themes, but TCWs does a lot more with characters arcs and development than the prequels. They aren’t as fun or schlocky, but I feel like they do a little better job of talking about the Republic than the Prequels did.


The art style of the full series took some getting used to, but ultimately it makes good on the miniseries. The fight scenes are really excellent, whether it’s weapon-based, hand-to-hand, or firefights.


So, I didn’t feel confident in posting a whole thread about this, neither did If feel like it was worthy of a ‘joke’ thread, so I decided to bump the most relevant Star Wars thread I could find…

I am losing my mind right now.

A CANON comic just came out, possibly leaning towards the fan theory that Jar Jar may ACTUALLY be force sensitive, and maybe even a Sith lord.

For those confused, this reddit thread was basically the origin of the theory:

With the new season of Clone Wars still on the horizon, I’m kind of freaking out where this is going to go…


Turns out that episode of The Clone Wars was right: Jar Jar Binks is a great conceptual artist.