I Can't Believe There Actually Was A Nintendo Direct (2018-1-11)

After expertly trolling their most… vocal of fans (whether it was intentional or not doesn’t matter), I fully expected no Nintendo Directs until February.

Instead we got some damn cool stuff for a third-party focused Switch presentation.


  • The iOS version of TWEWY is coming to Switch. Never was a fan of this version, but more people getting to play it is cool.
  • Blastoise and Aegislash announced for Pokken, along with a handful of support Pokemon.
  • Kirby Star Allies is out on March 16th
  • Dragon Quest Builders demo today. I’m still going to pass on this in favour of waiting for the sequel, but I’ll pick the demo up just to mess around with it.
  • Hyrule Warriors is the newest Wii U game coming out on Switch. It includes all the 3DS stuff, too.
  • Mario Tennis Aces announced for Switch. First game to have a story mode since the GBA game, but none of those cool Camelot characters are in sight… Pretty much means that Wii U Mario Tennis game isn’t going to be ported.
  • Just in time for the retranslation to hit, Ys VIII is announced for Switch. Now I’m glad I didn’t find a good deal on the PS4 version on Boxing Day. Hopefully this version is better than the Vita version, which was apparently a framey mess. Gonna have to wait for Summer to find out I guess.
  • Super Mario Odyssey free DLC includes new outfits, filters for photo mode, and… an online hide & seek mode? Ok…
  • SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is a new SNK fighting game featuring characters from King of Fighters. I was kind of super on board with this game until I saw some of the outfits… a lot more DoA Extreme than Final Fantasy X-2 unfortunately.
  • DK in Mario + Rabbids this Spring. I guess I should wait to play it until then?
  • Payday 2 I guess.
  • Fe is coming to Switch on February 16th. Has HD Rumble support, an underutilized and underappreciated feature of the Switch.
  • Celeste continues to look amazing. Out on January 25th- Wait that Soon!?!
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the other Wii U game heading to Switch, which is great because I think a lot of people overlooked this one. It’s out on May 4th and they added Funky Kong as a new playable character, who is kinda like an easier character that combines all three of the powers you get? And he can roll/swim forever? At any rate, speedruns are gonna be interesting with this character…
  • Dark Souls Remastered on Switch. Just an “HD” version of Dark Souls available on Switch as well as the other consoles. Namco says it will be 30 fps on Switch and 1080p docked, 720p portable. Not too exciting on its own, but portable Dark Souls will be a tempting offer for a lot of people.


I’m happy for a new Mario Tennis game. Honestly, I’d be happy to hear about any new tennis that was well-made and accessible. Switch is of course a perfect platform for that sort of thing. Doubles, anyone?

I’d been thinking about TWEWY, lately, and was considering picking up the iOS port. Loved that game when it came out. I can’t say for certain that I’d make the time to play all the way through it again, but having the option to do so in HD on a big screen sure would be cool.


It’s encouraging that so many WiiU games are getting ported to Switch. I was going to get a WiiU just for Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but then they announced they were revealing new hardware. I decided to wait and see if backwards compatibility would happen and it doesn’t seem like it will. So now I have to either wait for a port or do some serious searching for a WiiU.

I’m actually pretty happy with the Mario Odyssey DLC. For a free download, it adds enough cool stuff to get me back to collecting moons. And hopefully it keeps the door open for an Odyssey 2.

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I don’t even own a switch (yet…) and I’ve already played hyrule warriors on the wii u and 3ds but… with the 3ds stuff on a switch my boyfriend and I could play that all together… aaaah that would be so nice
I mean, even if I already had a switch that’s money I could be better spending on other things. it’s a nice thought tho.
get hyrule warriors and play it with someone, it rules.

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waluigi hot. discuss.


He looks like he’s going to tell you all about his disruptive new app.


He looks like a Chainsmoker

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God damn Dark souls on the go. Now I can suffer while heading home from work.


I’m imagining someone dying to Ornstein and Smough as they’re just on the cusp of victory and just losing it in the middle of a subway car.




I found the whole hype cycle around this extremely bizarre, particularly the somehow accepted notion that fans would have the right to be mad at Nintendo if there was no Direct today…

But anyhow just about everything in this Direct seemed awesome and seems to set up Nintendo for another great year.

In conclusion, hell yeah Mario Tennis!


Quite excited about DK:TF since I didn’t get it for Wii U.

Not so enthused about seeing so many blasted headlines giving away actual details that the surprises in the Direct were soured.

It’d be nice if we could get like, I dunno, a day or two before the post-mortems begin.

Asking too much? Probably.

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TBH everything here that isn’t a fighting game, Payday (already own it on PC but have never played; I assumed it was dead because it has been out so long) or Dark Souls (I am bad at video games like this that focus strongly on watching enemy tells and processing a chain of inputs while a bunch of stuff happens on screen - I am a button masher under pressure) is extremely my shit. Particular hype for TWEWY, which I never got into because I was and am bad at games with primarily touch controls.

Anyone who knows me knows you could put shit in a box and as long as it says SNK on it I’m going to pre-order it. And as soon as I read that a game called SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy I got super hyped because SNK did a similar thing for the Neo Geo Pocket Color ages ago called SNK Gals Fighters is a really fun and awesome game.

But yeah these costumes. Seems like they’re going for the crowd that plays their mobile games with this so I’m not expecting much.

It’s a real letdown because, I know Mai Shiranui is of course the mascot female character of the company and all but I always liked that more than other fighting game companies SNK has a huge number of female characters that were all both unique and well designed. It’s been frustrating how as time has gone on and in more recent games, a lot of them have been softened and homogenized into “waifu material” designs and personalities which is really lame. This just seems like the culmination of that as I recognize some of the outfits from Metal Slug Advance which is SNK’s other “holy shit how do you even fit this many cheesecake characters into a single product” game. Kind of a shame since SNK created so many characters that are awesome enough to stand on their own.

I still don’t own a Switch yet, we’ll get one eventually, just right now there’s nothing totally exclusive to it that we need. I do want to say though that every Wii U port that’s coming out for it, all of those games are GREAT so if you missed out on the Wii U check them out. Hyrule Warriors especially, the DLC they made for that game is no joke, I put a lot of time into that game.

Have to echo Devour about Dragon Quest Builders though, the first game is fun (and the Dragon Quest aesthetic is amazing as usual) but is a bit restrictive and more linear than you might be lead to believe. I liked it but I’d still say to skip it and wait for the second one.

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I mean, I too like to watch the Directs before seeing all the announcements because lizard brain likes surprises, but I also believe that dancing around “spoilers” for marketting material is asking a little much.

That said, I did structure the original post of this thread so people could quickly jump into the video without seeing the details of it in the title or the opening comments so ¯\(ツ)/¯ I guess I still end up agreeing with you.

I could have been clearer, what I really meant was the stream of reckons from the usual suspects (Polygon, Kotaku, etc).

I just recently went back for a full Dark Souls II play through and was pretty sad about the lack of random co-op. So I am pretty thrilled at the idea of any Dark Souls remastering if only because it means a chance for a bumping multiplayer experience.

I’m all over Dark Souls for the Switch. I’m also glad they’re doing a demo for DQ Builders because I got the PS4 and Vita versions and the graphics of the Vita version really spoil the game. I’m hoping it looks good on the Switch.

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I mean, I too could have been clearer in saying that I understand that you were talking about the bigger sites, not this thread.

But, again, even though my lizard brain agrees that I would like to be unspoiled of the contents of these small video gifts that are one of the last bastions in video game marketting that seem to retain the sense of magic that video games once had, I still can’t blame Polygon/Kotaku/any other game site built around the news cycle for, you know, doing their job.