I Can't Believe There Actually Was A Nintendo Direct (2018-1-11)


Still waiting on confirmation of local multiplayer invasions, so I can invade someone on a train and watch their eyes dart around the carriage, where they will happen upon me, my face contorted into a cursed grin, eyes obscured by a top hat, a flower in my trenchcoat.

But yeah, unholy levels of excitement for that Dark Souls port. Not grinned like that in years.


This is the first time I’ve seen anything about Celeste and it looks pretty good. I expect to get very mad at it. I was interested in Fe until they talked about the motion controls, and now I’m glad of the warning so I can not play it. Kirby Star Allies stays looking good. Didn’t give a shit about anything else. That’s my report thank’s for listening.


Yep, totally, I don’t really have a problem with those sites doing their job. I guess it just grinds my gears when I wake up to headlines like “This squirrel exemplifies everything that’s wrong with Demon Souls Remastered on Switch” and I’m like dammit I haven’t even seen the video and I already know there’s a Dark Souls (and possibly a squirrel) now :joy:


Yeah… I was holding back when I said they were “vocal fans” and not “entitled shitweasels”. I don’t think many reasonable people outside of them seriously believed they were entitled to jack…

But I will say that I got a healthy dose of schadenfreude watching them go absolutely apocalyptic when Nintendo of America’s twitter account posted nonsense right when they were somehow expecting a Direct to materialize out of thin air.

I just hope the people running that account was having as much fun as I was watching the meltdowns.


Honestly I only care about Dark Souls Remastered if they fix everything in Lost Izalith along with it


Yeah, that’s typically the case.

My progression kind of went from “huh people seem real hype off these rumors” to “oh damn, some people are gonna be real pissed if this commercial comes out on Friday or something.”


I don’t get it either and yet it’s like that almost every time. It’s weird. Like, I get that it’s a good format for simply announcing things that intends and succeeds in inciting that kinda feeling but, man, people create all sorts of expectations for themselves and analyse these things in such a strange way afterwards. Oh well.

Now, on topic, I see lots here that I like. Both TWEWY and Hyrule Warriors were games I was planning on buying at some point for the DS but it appears I’ll no longer have to, which is pretty sweet. Don’t think I realised how much I wanted a new Mario Tennis game but I’ll be having that and DKC:TF to go along with it for sure and Dark Souls is a given. As that’s now a reality of the system alongside DOOM, another favourite game from the past decade, it actually made me think how badly I would love for other favourite games of mine to make it to the Switch, particularly MGSV. The more the merrier, I say.

Anyway, Super Mario Odyssey’s free update is a nice surprise but the one announcement I’m really looking forward to more information on, surprisingly, is Mario + Rabbids’ second DLC pack. No surprise that they chose Donkey Kong as the additional character but I’d love to see how they intend to distinguish his moveset and abilities from the other characters already present in the game and whether or not the new world will also include additional tactical elements like those seen in the free Versus Mode update. Maybe they’ll push it even farther and there’ll be more interesting enemies added too and perhaps a new weapon effect, if not all new weapons entirely. Definitely one I’ll be keeping an eye despite the further onslaught of great games to keep me distracted, that’s for sure.


YOu said the Dark Souls Remaster is “Just an HD version of Dark Souls…not too exciting on it’s own” which isn’t really true in that it isn’t just an HD version of Dark Souls, it’s a fully remade version in the Dark Souls 2 engine from what I heard and from the trailer it looks to be made in that new engine. That’s a much bigger deal for people like me who are Dark Souls fans than an HD remake would be.


Wait does that mean it doesn’t have ragdoll physics.

Because that would be a shame.


Dragon Quest Builders is a low key gem, that linearity is excellent for it. If you go into it thinking of it more as a story with Minecraft elements and less of a Minecraft game with a story, you’ll dig it. Really fun game that.

Also, yep, Nintendo really are leaning into the “best of Nintendo, the best indies and the best older 3rd party games” deal with the Switch eh. In other words, they have laser focused on their audience and are pulling it off :smile:


Gonna play Dark Souls with my sneakers on and run out of wi-fi range whenever I get invaded. Or actually just play it on PS4 because I have to see Blighttown running at 60 FPS with my own eyes before I believe them.

SNK Heroines is also coming to PS4, I think, so I’d probably check that out there as well.

But hey, TWEWY is back! And still the best acronym in video games.


Mobile Dark Souls is the actual dream.


Counter point?


To be fair, they don’t need to focus on the “best indies” when the Switch is getting ALL THE INDIES. Or Nindies, I guess!


Experiencing Dark Souls for the first time next May on the Switch is gonna be so epic. I’m kind of a lucky one.


Dark Souls in “HD” is going to run like absolute garbage on the switch. Also playing that game with the switch controllers sounds like an ordeal, those things are wayyyy too small and awkward to hold.


I’m looking forward to these ports of Wii U games I never played even though I owned one. Mario Tennis looks good and I hope we get a Mario Baseball 3 at some point.


i said what i said


Thank you sir, ‘entitled shitweasels’ is a perfect descriptor for certain corners of the internet :ok_hand:


Happy about Tennis. I am doing the same as OP regarding DQ Builders but cool there is a demo for the first one.

I just seem to have such a backlog on the Switch now, so the fact the other announcements don’t float my boat much is no bad thing. Playing Xenoblade 2 and enjoying it, but it is such a long game and I really want to get to Never Stop Sneakin’ and Steamworld Heist, I think Darkest Dungeon is out in like a week? And Hollow Knight at some point soon I guess.

I mean it’s great in a way. Just need more time!