I Can't Believe There Actually Was A Nintendo Direct (2018-1-11)


twewy… hewwo~

I’m playing the DQ Builders demo right now and it’s so much better looking than on the Vita. I also kind of love it already.


Funky Kong is Poochy the dog from Itchy & Scratchy right?


Nah Funky Kong has been in the Donkey Kong Country games since the first one.

All of the DK64 exclusive characters are Poochy.


All Nintendo characters are Poochy

Especially Poochy


DK64 Capitalist Arms Dealer Funky Kong is the Poochy of Funky Kongs


Were you playing handheld or docked? I think docked it looks terrible because it’s still 720p. On the handheld looks so much better!


Surely there must be some people still playing DS2 multiplayer. I’d be willing to bet there are still people playing DS1 multiplayer on PS3. I mean, Demon’s Souls still has servers for another month. There can’t be no one playing DS2.


I saw a couple summoning signs early on and a couple more in the Iron Keep. Zero player invaders. That was about it for my whole play through. I am sure people are still playing, but it’s not the effortless random co-op of a newer souls game.


I’m really excited for Dark Souls on Switch. Maybe I’ll finally do a magic run