"I can't put this one down." 2010-2019 Edition

Hello everyone. This is my first topic here so hopefully everything is cool.
We’re nearing the end of the decade and I’m curious to hear what games that released in the past 10 years can you just not walk away from?
The games you always go back to.

Dead Cells - Honestly it’s as if the developers took elements from every game I’ve ever loved and crammed it all into one game. And it worked.

Into the Breach - This is the first strategy game to ever fully click for me. Every time I play it feels good and make me feel smart.

Downwell - Having to constantly react to the downward plunge into the unknown and racking up big combos is one of the most satisfying game feels I’ve ever experienced.

I hope this ends up being an interesting topic. Looking forward to finding out what games really stuck for everybody.
Take care folks.


Hey there! Welcome.

I don’t think there’s anything that has lasted too too long for me aside from Pokemon in general, which I began playing when I was maybe 8 years old and have never missed a game since (for context, I am now 24, so fully two-thirds of my life). I just find the core systems of those games so rewarding, especially with how much I’ve internalized them through a decade and a half of playing those games, that I don’t think I’ll ever really drift away from them.

Other than that, there’s Shovel Knight, a pretty short game without all that much replayability that I nevertheless have sunk hours upon hours into across multiple platforms because of the relationship it has with my mental health. There are a lot of games that have helped me work through depression at various points in the past several years (Into the Breach is actually one of them, Breath of the Wild as well), but Shovel Knight was really the first game that had that kind of effect for me, and for that I still find myself going back to it. (I was able to write a longer thing about my relationship with it about a year ago, and will now shamelessly plug it, in case anyone is interested.)

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Hitman/Hitman 2 might be unfair answers, given the continual introduction of new missions and such, but I have been consistently pleased to return and check out each new escalation, even if I don’t finish most of them.

Devil Survivor: Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker, the 3DS remake versions of the DS games, are among my favourite games ever, and have a lot of staying power. I might not be up to playing more than a single route at a time, but it’s never been too long before I’m keen to experiment with new combinations of demons and skills, and see the conclusions reached by siding with each faction in post-apocalyptic Japan.

While the plot and characters certainly leave a lot to be desired compared to the Devil Survivor games, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 at least succeeds in pleasing every monster-collecting-obsessed part of my brain. That I can’t recall how many times I’ve replayed it says something in its favour.

While I’m a bit burnt out on it right now, Slay the Spire has been my go-to game for listening to podcasts for a while now, always giving at least the potential for a new build or a new wrinkle to one I’ve tried before to keep me going.

I typically have a pattern of engaging with a game at high intensity and then backing off for a while, so depending on how I think about it, many games could fit this criteria or none could, but the titles above stick out to me as things I’ve come back to again and again.

Stardew Valley. I couldn’t put it down when it came out. I got to like the 4th year before I finally fell off. Then I started it on PS4 the year after. It works surprisingly well with a controller. I am highly anticipating the 1.4 update that should be out this year (It’s ready, they’re just waiting for 1.3 to hit consoles first and it keeps failing cert).

Fire Emblem Heroes. I’m not sure I would call it a good game, but I have played it everyday or thereabouts for the three years it’s been out.

Dark Souls. I remember when I first played it thinking that we would see it’s influence for decades to come. Now I have it on three systems and many games influenced by it.

Factorio is probably the game I’ve sunk the most hours into in the past decade. It’s the kind of game that you play subconsciously while you’re not playing. There have been several times when, hours after I put down the game, the back of my brain will pass me a fully formed solution to a problem I was having, whether that’s a train station that can handle more throughput or a more efficient setup for my large-scale circuit production. There’s basically nothing more satisfying than laying down the last piece of a complex layout and watching the whole thing spring to life.

Runners up are Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, Hearts of Iron 4, Nuclear Throne, and Path of Exile

Slay the Spire fits this in the exact way you’d expect.

But as a bit of a curveball I’ve spent years now never getting over Undertale. I’ve fully played through the true Pacifist run twice (once on PC, once on Switch), watched multiple people’s LPs, regularly listen to the soundtrack and just… Still think about how much I love that game. The honeymoon hasn’t ended yet and seems like it won’t any time soon.

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definitely bloodborne for me. most games i get into, i just devour and move on, which can still be weeks in real time because i like to replay to try new things, play higher difficulties, get 100%, but i went back to bloodborne over and over between other games for two, three years.
i don’t think it’s from’s best game (that’s demon’s souls), but it’s something special.

I thought about this for awhile, looked through some trophy lists, couldn’t really come up with something, so I just mindlessly flipped over for my probably thousand-and-somethingth game of Threes.


There are few things more comfy in games to me than playing a game of Civilization, for most of the day he decade it was Civ V. I haven’t played Civ VI as much, but it’s still there when I need a good relaxing game

I’m still playing FFXIV about 5 times a week since the ARR relaunch…


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Welcome! My picks are:

Warframe - I’ve been playing this baby for 5+ years now, and I’m still having a blast. It helps that the developers are still releasing new, oftentimes game-changing, updates. And I can’t believe they’ve managed to keep the game free to play all this time!

DJ Hero 2 - Rhythm games never get old imo, and DJ Hero 2 is one of the best. This is a marked improvement over the first game in just about every way (maybe there’s room for debate over the track list, though it’s still very good). I still oftentimes fire up YouTube just to listen to some of the game’s sweet mashups. Once you get the hang of it, the game is ridiculously fun to play, so much so, I can believe I’m still playing this almost a decade later.

It’s also Pokémon in general for me as well. I’m 25 and started when I was around 8, so we’re in a pretty similar situation! I actually took a 3 year break from video games, from when I was 18 to 21. I had given my original 3ds to my brother, and didn’t have any gaming systems of my own. One day on an impulse I went to Gamestop, bought a New 3DS XL, and picked up Alpha Sapphire. It felt like I was coming home. The mechanics were so familiar, the Pokémon were amazing, and I could pet them! The added story at the end absolutely enthralled me. That world felt alive in a way that I had imagined when I was 8 playing Sapphire for the first time. It’s still my favorite team from any Pokémon game: Swampert, Charizard, Leafeon, Aggron, Manectric, and a rotating Latias/Tyrantitar.

It’s a game that really means a lot to me, without which I probably never would have bought a PS4 and Persona 5, and subsequently never would have listened to Waypoint Radio and been a part of this great community.


Gotta say Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’ve never gotten super into the “competitive” side of gaming in the past except for Splatoon. But unlike Splatoon, I can play Ultimate locally with friends and training partners, which really enriches the experience. It’s taken a lot of focus from other games, but I don’t really mind. The movement and style just really captures me. It feels super fun, and the better you are the more fun it is. So I’m pretty sick and I’m always working to be even sicker.


The first act of MGSV is probably the most compulsive a big game has been this generation. That and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I know that game has faded from a lot of people’s minds since the sequel but that shit was impossible to stop playing 7 years ago.

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Personally I think it’s The Binding of Isaac and Civilization V. My younger brother introduced me to Isaac when it first came out and while I’ve definitely fallen off for huge chunks of time, it always finds a way to sneak back into my life. It feels like a game that’s been a part of my life forever, but one I will never fully understand and that’s kind of exciting to me. When people talk about their strategies/experiences it sounds like they’re playing an entirely separate game from me. It’s not even my favorite roguelike probably, but it feels like an intense concentration of solid roguelike game design. Just… Pure Game.
Similar to Glorgu, there’s just something so immediately nice about starting a game of Civ even if I know I’ll never finish it. The starts are alway similar-yet-different enough to feel like I’m falling back into something I know intimately well while also being excited by the promise of a surprising game.
A game that has had a weirdly strong presence in my life: Call of Duty: Black Ops. Never played the campaign, did NOT like the zombies mode, but one day my friend left his copy at my house in middle school after bringing it over for a sleepover. He told me to keep it, and for the next 8 years it became THE game we all played while hanging out at my house.
There’s probably more that I’m forgetting, gonna have to look at Steam to jog my memory!

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Oh yeah, I should definitely mention, I don’t finish about half of the Civ games I start :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sometimes it’s just good enough to just play around with a different strategy and play for a couple of hours. I try to make a habit of seeing through games I think I can win n(especially after Brave New World vastly improved the endgame), but if I’m falling behind, or if I feel my approach isn’t working, I’ll just start another game.

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My most played game this decade has to be the iOS version of Civilization Revolution, and it’s absolutely no contest if I can count the sequel as well. Like a lot of folks in this thread, I’m a longtime Civ fan. Sure the Rev series is not nearly as meaty as the mainline games, but what you lose in the depth you gain in it always being there. For years this was the game I’d pull out whenever I had 5 minutes of idle time, and boy do those 5 minute chunks add up. I must’ve played hundreds, if not a thousand or so games of conquering, culturing, buying out, or science-ing the world. All on my tiny pocket computer!

The Revolutions games are seriously good! I played the original on PS3 and it’s such a good way to pair down the mechanics of Civ, but keeps the core intact. I never thought of the game as a good “I have five minutes and just need something quick to play” game, but it’s cool to hear it works for that situation!

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I’ve played a lot of Destiny since it came out in 2014, except for that one year where it was bad.

I’ve also played at least a bit of Granblue Fantasy almost every day since late 2015. I say “almost” but it might really have been every day and I just can’t remember.

Basically all the Souls games and spin-offs. I’ve gotten the Platinum trophies for each one except Demon’s Souls (i might just try for it if ever the rumoured remake/remaster comes out), and I’ve replayed all of them multiple times. Got Dark Souls: Remastered and beat it twice, and that’s after beating it 5 times on the PS3. Just this year I beat Sekiro 5 times and started another playthrough a couple of weeks ago! But the one I have gone back to the most is Bloodborne, and I think I might just start a tradition of playing it at least once a year. I played it last year because of Natalie’s streams, and I played it again this year because of Savepoint. Probably gonna spin it up next year during a lull in game releases.

The one game I have put into the most hours in total, not just for this past decade but probably since I’ve been playing games, is Overwatch. Well over a thousand hours across multiple accounts having regularly played it up until the beginning of this month. I really thought it was going to be my “forever game”, but I am putting it down after those thousand hours, and I don’t ever see myself coming back to it. Thanks, Blizzard, you greedy fucks.