I Can't Stop Looking at This Low Poly Rat With a Desert Eagle

Chasing photorealism in games is a fool's errand. All you have to do to prove that is look at the Twitter account Low Poly Animals.

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I can remember old text games allowing you to type in your commands/choices. You could input any idea that popped in your head. It didn’t understand all of them (their thinking power was very small compared to today), but it did pretty good. Of course, they could do that because they had no graphics to fret about.

Since then I’ve always wished developers would chase this further rather than worrying about graphics. I’d rather have PS2 graphics & be able to type in (or at least provide a wider range of options in) my responses/choices instead of the standard binary dialogue/play options. The power of the new systems, I think, would be able to handle that.

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