I completed SOMA the other day. [Mild Spoilers]

After sleeping on it, I finally got around to playing​ and completing SOMA. I can’t stop thinking about the story and some of the sequences (like seriously, how amazing is the Abyss?).

It is by no means perfect. I experienced 8 hard crashes and 3 game breaking glitches. The stuff with the WAU felt like a weird side plot that didn’t resolve well at all. Most of the monster encounters got in the way and were pretty annoying.

Despite this, I feel like it’s one of those games that’ll stay with me for a long time.


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I really liked this game but jeeze, the main character is an idiot. How does he not realize by the end how everything worked?

I guess it’s a mixture between him being just “some guy” and the fact that Catherine lied to him constantly and that he’s the prototype legacy scan. It’s flat out stated that he is nowhere near as “dynamic” as the future scans.

I know where you’re coming from - there’s a fine line between a story that leaves unanswered questions and one that fails to pick up ideas that it dropped along the way.

Knowing how it all wraps up, I’m tempted to go back and play through it again. There’s a great mod that makes all of the enemies docile, meaning you can wander around and really explore the areas without any pressure.

I’d love to see Frictional take that approach next time around. Machine for Pigs did some cool horror stuff without the threat of enemies for a decent chunk of time until they started throwing them at you in the second half. A game with the pacing and storytelling of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Frictional’s horror chops could be fantastic.

I came away with exactly the same thoughts. I think one of the things that makes Simon very annoying, is that he’s set up as the “voice of the audience”. When he’s surprised by something, it seems like you’re supposed to think it was a shocking plot twist. But then he’s surprised by the same twist over and over, even though it’s been carefully explained to him before and after each time. It gets exasperating. Still loved the game though.

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My favourite moments are seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time and hearing other Simon when you do the suit/body transfer then deciding whether or not to kill him.

Mine was the moment when the elevator to the abyss suddenly breaks down, and you’re alone in the dark. Then you look down and see luminescent jellyfish floating slowly up and around you. I climbed up to the roof and just stood there for 10 minutes.

Gosh, that game came SO CLOSE to being a modern-day classic. One of my 2015 favourites( probably second-favourite behind Tales from the Borderlands). It is also probably my favourite example of why video game genres should go the way of the Dodo( Remember Me is my other example). Every time this gane feels like it is about to peak, it suddenly diverts to another boring, unnecessary horror segment - AND I LIKE HORROR.

Also - Dannielle’s Guide to Games picks are extremely better the Austin’s. Just puttin’ it out the

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