I don’t understand TikTok but I kind of want to (A TikTok Thread)

So I’ve long been curious about TikTok. I even downloaded the app once, couldn’t make heads or tails of it, and deleted it to make space. But the increasing amount of incredibly creative content coming off the platform has made me take notice.

This culminated with a cosplayer who made a TikTok that kind of went viral where she does a short… routine? to Lizzo’s Boys where her body language closely mirrors that of anime sensibilities.

Friends I am OBSESSED with this video. But TikTok seems like its really hard to find good stuff unless you dig through someone’s profile with the dedication of a squirrel hunting for nuts.

Does anyone have any TikTok users they like? Or tips on how to use the platform (especially on desktop)?

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Its basically Vine with lip syncing. If you wanna get into it look up some tik tok compilations on YouTube and follow some creators you like?

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Yeah I just tend to not like compilations if I can stay away from them because they’re so bad about crediting the original creators, and I’d much rather give those folks the views

Yeah but they can be good to find the creators and then just follow them on actual tik tok after. The good comps will keep the OG creator’s user name in the bottom right.


Oh yeah that’s a good point! I should start doing that then if that’s the most accessible way to get into TikToks. Thanks!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qh-Ct6m5XI idk if any of the creators in here are good but I found a tik tok cosplay comp where the creators seem to be cited.

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I was way into Vine, but whenever I made videos myself, I felt like a fraud. Most vines seemed to be made by popular good looking people dancing around.

Until I watched Limmy’s vines who elevated the medium into an artform.


Don’t worry, the perfect TikTok has already been made, so there’s no pressure

The two main barriers for me getting into TikTok are a marked difference in musical taste between me and most creators on the platform. Also the prevalence of teens on it makes me feel a bit skeevy.

There are definitely talented people on it who are way better at dance/choreography than I could dream of.

Oh my god this is so funny, I loved his “it’s just feathers” video but had no idea he did Vines too, damn.

Yeah, I feel like Vine was similar but for whatever reason didn’t seem nearly so intimidating? IDK but I def feel this too

tik toks existence has been completely justified to me by just these couple




very important four


and six

im sure theres more but this is as far back as i could dig for them

make that seven! but seth everman being great isnt really news

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