I Finally Finished a Dishonored Game For the First Time

I’ve written about this before, how much I love the Dishonored games, and how I’ve never actually finished one. I put dozens of hours in, typically, playing each stage as a giant playground—meticulously combing through stealthily, then experimenting with all my wacky powers on a whim. I like to find everything, to see everything, to test every level’s design to the very best of my abilities.

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I have both 1 and 2 and haven’t finished either. Barely an hour in on 2. Not sure what it is, but they’re not capturing my attention. My list of games I was supposed to have finished by the end of the year is intimidating.

How about you, dear readers? Is there a series that you love, but hadn’t finished the games? And if you finally did… did you experience this kind of satisfaction, coupled with the desire to jump right back in?

I adore the metroid prime trilogy, but never finished a single one of them. The first one I never finished because another game got in the way (namely , Metroid Prime 2: Echoes), the second because I couldn’t find those four hidden items and I was too stubborn to use a guide, and I found the third game’s motion controls to be frustrating and I got a PS3 in that time frame and rarely played the Wii again minus the Galaxy games, Mario Kart and Brawl.

Oddly enough, this year I found that Prey scratched a lot of the same itches the Prime series did for me of familiarizing oneself with a labyrinth of sorts.


Ok, <deep breath>, confession time. I have never beaten a 2D Zelda. I’ve played the original, Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, and Minish Cap, and I’ve always gotten bored and fell off halfway through. Compare that to the 3D Zeldas, where I’ve completed all of them except Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword. I guess the top down view doesn’t do it for me, despite the claims of Zelda fans saying the 2D games’ dungeon design is better (Mark Brown I’m looking at you).

EDIT: I did beat Phantom Hourglass, which I guess is 2D. But it’s also a Wind Waker continuation, so I say it doesn’t really count.

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Hmm, probably Planescape: Torment for me. It is one of my favorite games of all time thanks to the writing alone, yet I never even made it more than 1/2 of the way through.

As for ones that I eventually finished, Chrono Trigger is one of those, and I loved every minute of it (even though I had restarted the game from the beginning 3 or 4 times).

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Death of the Outsider was the first Dishonored thing I actually managed to finish too, mostly owing to Billie being a much better protagonist than the others for me. It just felt like it was a much better culmination of the ideas of the setting in terms of who you get to see it through and how its an experience of the underworld via a character who has been close to so much and yet never been a truly significant person like the royals or the witches etc.

Billie felt like the puzzle piece for me properly enjoying the setting at any rate and it definitely helped that the story is really strong imo.

(also I wrote about it at greater length heh)

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Congrats! I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

As for a game I have never finished, probably gonna get in like with @Navster re: not finishing a 2D Zelda. The 3D ones just feel better to me. I also gotta admit I’ve never technically finished a Dragon Age game.

I love Origins and I’ve gone back to it multiple times, but I always hit the big ending scene and stop. Something about that game makes me sad when it comes to the end–maybe that it is the end, that I never finished.
Dragon Age 2 I never finished because it’s the weakest in the franchise in terms of actually being mechanically fun to play, and I don’t actually jive with the characters in it or the dialogue options I get to pick. I usually get to the bone yard or whatever and stop. I can’t stand any of the levels in that game. It all feels very pasted together, and the setting feels like side-dressing compared to how much effort was put into writing the characters.
I never finished Inquisition because I played it on my husband’s Origin account, swapped computers, lost all that shit and have been too lazy to get it back. The last thing I remember is 100%-ing the Hinterlands and getting that fucking bullshit jumping puzzle Shard. I was never quite sure what I was supposed to do in a game that was so open but never gave me much of a reason to care about going anywhere.

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Danielle just wrote “end-of-year consideration” and it reminded me of how EXCELLENT Waypoint High was last year. I am excite.


Yay!!! Danielle did it!!! Hooray!!! :confetti_ball:

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In preparation for Dishonored 2 last year, I played Dishonored and all it’s DLC to completion on PC. I preferred the DLC to the actual core game itself. It was just a bit weirder and darker, and it’s always cool if your character is voiced by Michael Madsen. The fact that your character Daud was on the other side of the law to begin with and had done some truly shady things really helped with pulling me into that dark macabre world, it also made his redemptive arc a lot more interesting.

I played most of Dishonored devoutly with a no-kill rule, which I think worked against my overall enjoyment of the game itself. Here’s a game in which you can summon rat swarms to devour your enemies, not that I ever used it! Dishonored is such an open game, in which there are so many options open to you, so many pathways through the levels, it seems a shame and out of character to just pick a kill or no-kill strategy. I think you have to approach it with a similar sense of openess - “I’m going to do whatever the Hell I want.” Why just kill your morally repugnant enemies, when you can cut out their tongues and force them to work as slaves in their own mines?