I Finished Every 'BOTW' Shrine, But I Can’t Stop Playing Yet


I don’t know about anyone else, but the ‘Breath of the Wild’ DLC is landing at the perfect time for me.

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I actually finished all the shrines last night and yet I’ll still be bringing my Switch with me to work later today. Got to upgrade all my clothes, hunt for some more Koroks, complete some side quests… that base gameplay loop of running around without a particular aim and then coming across a little puzzle or surprise is deeply gratifying, and whichever person or people at Nintendo came up with it deserves a raise.


The journey to finding those shrines were pretty fun with putting together clues and looking carefully at the area. At the end I was ready to finish my game with all shrines done and great beast. The dlc I want that will have me continue the game is the possible Zelda quest.


I’m only 60 shrines deep but showing no signs of stopping.


I am having trouble with the end game. The game is so fun to play, but I find myself just running around for a few hours each night without finding anything. I don’t enjoy grinding materials to upgrade the clothing. I have about 20 shrines left, but don’t want to look up a guide to see where they are. I guess I should just fight Ganon and wait for the DLC.