I for one, would love more “off topic” waypoints from the podcast!

Hi everyone, new post-er here. Sorry if I missed this elsewhere but Austin asked on the pod recently if people would want to hear other kinds of “Waypoints” or expanded “waypoints” from the team. I’m all for it!


I would love that! The waypoint team has such interesting tastes and I’ve been turned on to a lot of stuff I would probably have missed if not for them. I would really like to see occasional episodes that are entirely waypoints.


Totally agree, I’ve been listening to Danielle & Rob for years from the Idke Thumbs pods, Ditto Austin with GB, they’ve given me so so much. So I’m asking for even more is what I’m saying I gues /:wink:


Definitely! They could have features based around the teams’ non-gaming interests, for example, a Patrick podcast on horror films for the Halloween season or a Danielle podcast on combat sports!


I think this is a great idea.

I like games and all but I actually find I come back to the podcast for the interesting discussions that pop up AROUND games and other interests.


the fact of the matter is that games discourse is often pretty circuitous; the same issues often crop up in slightly different forms and, because the podcast necessarily has a fixed crew, variations of the same (valid, worthwhile!) responses are levied by the same people whose values haven’t changed much since the last time they were voiced. That’s totally fine and is just the nature of a podcast by four-ish intelligent, well-read people talking about video games, but I think that breaking it up with different subjects would be really exciting and would give our favorite casters (and their ideas) some room to breathe. I’ve dabbled in weekly podcasting, and I know from my own experience that I sometimes felt like I was kind of saying a variation of what I said last week in response to this week’s big games issue, so that’s where I’m coming from. Anyway, I think this would be great!


I for one would like energy drink reviews.


Co-sign. I find the sheer variety in the Waypoints talk delightful and I’d be interested to hear more discussion about quite a few of them.

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I would be extremely here for a Rob Zacny Reviews Forests For Walking In podcast


I second this, really love getting tips on media etc from the crew!


When Austin mentioned it on the podcast it seemed to me he was inquiring about if a new, separate podcast should be created. My first reaction was that I don’t have the time for another weekly podcast, but a monthly or sporadically updated one would be fine.

Just finished listening to the podcast in question, my 2c is that from the casts past reccomends, I have tried:

Citations Needed podcast (liked it!)

The Expanse (again, liked it)

Riverdale (not sure how I feel)

A fascinating podcast on the history of the NRA

So to answer Austin’s question, YES I would listen to more “waypoint” content.


Perhaps with special guest reviewers?