I Hated the First 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Trailer... Then I Re-Watched It

When I set out to write about the latest 'RDR 2' trailer, I didn't expect to do a deep dive into Rockstar's marketing history.

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The first few words of new paragraphs after YouTube embeds is cut off? Still reading through, I’m enjoying it.


The first trailer for GTA IV is the best game trailer ever made I think. I must have watched it 50 times before the game came out. I was just so blown away by the scale.
Also the first trailer for Gears of War was pretty impressive, too. I remember watching some major sporting event at a super rowdy bar and that trailer came on and the bar went totally silent and everyone just watched and after it was over every one was like, “what the hell was that?!” super effective.

I got excited and thought this was about someone hating the first Red Dead Redemption. Alas, I must be alone on my journey of thinking RDR is a crap game with a lot of dull, barren open world filled with dull macho male-types and poor writing.

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Grand Theft Auto IV’s slow shots of Liberty City’s Brooklyn stand-in turn into Koyaanisqatsi time-lapse, capturing the people, places, and energy of the city.

I love you, Mr. Walker. :heart_eyes:

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