I have a cold / blocked nose and I need to be ready to drink


I’m about to leave for a stag do in Munich(!) and my left nose is blocked to high heaven.
Now I should preface this by saying I have significant hearing issues and will likely be deaf before I die. I have titanium implants in both my ears, for my three inner hearing bones.

With that in mind, how can I get rid of this.

Bear in mind the resources I have are localised within this airport departure lounge.


Well, my friend swore to a drink called rum grogg. It constists of hot water, a healthy dose of rum and a shitload of ginger. Put it all in a giant mug drink it relatively quickly, wrap yourself in a blanket and go to sleep. You should be good to go in the morning. This supposedly should help with any type of cold or sickness, so I’d imagine it would help you.


This sounds doable. I’m off to the bar to enquire.


Here’s a thing - I sniff a lot. Now, that’s due to my hearing not anything else tied to mucus / nose stuff. If you know me you’ll have heard me sniff. Sadly that’s the perils of probably going deaf some time in the future.
So I had a bad “pop” which is what I call it, on the bus. And I have to sniff to readjust it. As we stopped, I felt a tap on the shoulder and a woman said “you are disgusting, get a handkerchief”.
I replied "I’m sorry, it’s tied to a severe hearing problem I have."
She replied "I don’t care get a handkerchief"
I said "that’s a lack of empathy for a condition and quite rude"
She said “no you’re rude” and got off the bus.



No fuck that, she was rude as shit. If it wasn’t lack of empathy at sure as fuck reeks of ignorance.


Thanks. It’s sitting in my brain. I could have probably dealt with it better by laughing and saying “yeah, I’ll grab tissues as soon as I’m off the bus” but my hearing is (as you might expect) sensitive (pun?) to me.