I have sad news my friends


Taco Bell’s new chips… Are actually really bad.

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7-Eleven is extremely talented in coming up with new and innovative ways for my asshole to explode.


I work in a grocery store and apparently they’re selling Baja Blast in 12 packs now? Or maybe that’s just new for Canada?

Either way, it’s not a very good drink.

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These look awful. Taco Bell’s regular tortilla chips are already trash so this could only go wrong. On a slightly unrelated note, their nacho fries are seriously way better than they have any right to be. Better than the majority of fast food fries, in fact.


Some would disagree:

u rite tho


I have never actually eaten in a taco bell.

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I feel American Taco Bell must be better than it is in Canada? Because people seem to love it in the U.S, but it has always been awful here.

It’s good that it’s an option for vegans I guess?


Same, although it’s mostly because there isn’t one in Newfoundland. Which s wild because franchise brands do very well here while locally owned businesses do not.


pls elaborate


The only time I’ve even seen a taco bell is when it’s shacked up with a KFC, the worst fast food chain (@ me at your own peril), so I’ve always just assumed that taco bell is also bad.


In Canada everything on the menu is pretty flavourless, with a protein that has a very weird consistency and looks like it was assembled in an earthquake. I’ve only ever seen one standalone Taco Bell free from a KFC here. We don’t really rock with it.

Americans seem to love it, though? Is it just an ironic thing because their brand seems to be food-as-a-dare, or is it genuine?


sorry, I meant the vegan part!


Oh, pretty much every protein can be substituted with beans, so it’s a fast food place with a lot of options for vegetarians/vegans


I legit like their spicy potato soft tacos that are only a dollar.


Update on this: KFC is not the worst fast food chain, Tim Horton’s is.

That’s not really relevant to the greater discussion, but I just had Tim’s breakfast and now my tummy dislikes me.


As a former Tim Horton’s employee I must co-sign that Tim Horton’s is awful.

Look, I know they’re affordable and their donuts are OK but that place generally fucking sucks and was a pretty hostile environment to work in.


They sell chicken tendies now, and frankly, I’m scared. I feel strongly that this should not be.


But are they better than Burger King’s chicken fries tho?

As an American, I can in fact tell you that people legitimately do like Taco Bell lol. I only ever eat their regular tacos (hard shell of course, get that soft garbage outta here), but as far as cheap imitation tex-mex goes, it’s the best 40% beef I’ve ever tasted! And it’s quite cheap price-wise (even for fast food); back in my college days I ate way more Taco 12 packs than I care to admit

Hard disagree.

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there’s no world to argue that KFC is worse than arby’s, that’s just silly


KFC is the only chain to send me to vom-town. It’s too greasy, too salty, all the sides are trash and the actual restaurants are disgusting.

I admit though, I’m biased because the local KFC has not changed in 20+ years of existence