I just want to BE in Star Wars

Taris, the first major city in KOTOR is fucking great because it does bring you down to the level of an ordinary citizen in Star Wars. Of course you have a mission and can kill pretty much everything but I was absolutely blown away by the fact that I was walking around a city full of not-stormtroopers and they weren’t attacking me. It does so much to create the feeling of a more tangible space when even the bad guys aren’t noticing you yet.


Piloting the Tie Reaper in Squadrons, specifically in VR as it allows you to look around the cockpit which is more spacious than the other craft, kind of made me want a Star Wars version of Elite Dangerous. Just trucking around the galaxy delivering goods legally/illegally inbetween cantinas. Is it day? Is it night? Who cares, just having some downtime in a cantina before I go back up to space and fly casual inbetween Star Destroyer checkpoints.


Star Wars Death Stranding

Seriously though a Star Wars game where you’re helping to reestablish trading routes after the Battle of Yavin or establishing smuggling routes under the nose of the Empire would be so cool. It could be limited to one planet (Tattooine???) or across a system.


This is a great idea. You play a Youth with dreams of becoming a legendary smuggler/space pirate.

Take up a job that implies some form of smuggling. But is actually hand delivering precious cargo through a wild and barren no man’s land full of sand swamps, where not even the Imperials patrol. If the quicksand doesn’t get you, the hungry dianogas will!

Have no one speak English either.


A fully voice-acted Star Wars RPG but there are no humans in the whole thing so everyone’s just speaking weird alien languages the whole time.


Give me KOTOR3 or give me death


do people feel like KOTOR generally holds up? i haven’t played it since the week it originally came out.

Give me KOTOR 3 as an immersive sim made by Arkane.


I’ve basically replayed either KotOR 1 or 2 every year since their releases and enjoy the heck out of them whenever I do. Played them on Xbox, PC, and iOS and they work well in any format.

Lots of unintentional loops of conversations and really dated combat in Kotor2 but the story holds up, imo.


I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way!

Star Wars Galaxies was both great and a major disappointment. I followed it literally from the first week it was announced, and unfortunately it could never live up to the hype. I got in to the beta, and that was amazing - but by the time it went live, and more people were let in, suspension of disbelief became much harder as people started gaming the game.

@vehemently I’m almost 100% with you there. A huge part of Star Wars for me is the way it looks and sounds. Which is why I never could get in to the books, but love the games.

I loved Taris! But I think Manaan was my favorite. There was just something relaxing about looking out over the endless ocean with the chill music.

I’d love a Mass Effect remaster while I wait for the chill Star Wars game. Between Disney and EA, I don’t think we will ever get it though.


Give me a minimalist moisture farming sim. Your uncle dies and leaves you his farm. You move out of mos eisley to your uncle’s farm beyond the dune sea. It’s just you, a few droids and the desert. Make it like desert golfing in how barren and isolating it feels like. Basically what if Luke had never left Tatooine with Obi Wan. You’re just there on your lonesome working diligently through the day to suck up what little water remains deep below a desert planet.

Technology is constantly failing you and your only real hope is to make do and make what little repairs you can to maintain all your equipment. Perhaps the Jawas come round on their weekly rounds. The Whole Sandcrawler rolls in and takes up your entire screen and gives you a choice between three different broken robots, of which you can only afford one, if you barter with them.

No one speaks English, apart from the protocol droid you were conned into buying 4 months ago, which sits redundant in the corner of your modest dwelling. If you spend time at night fixing him, you may make progress in being able to better barter with the jawas, or make the droid useful in that it can speak in an archaic machine language that improves your daily moisture farming gains by 0.4%.

Go one step further and say that your profit relies on the strict codes of Imperial law. But that’s all you’ve got to make a living. Young speeder bikes occassionally zoom over your farm which knocks out the equipment. You have to raise it to the local authorities who may dispatch a group of Stormtroopers. You have no time for stories of rebellion or even entertain the notion of such thing. Occasionally in the sky, say a 1/1000 chance there is a flicker of light denoting some kind of space battle in your outer orbit. You look up for a minute but get back to tending your farm.

Basically make an unforgiving Star Wars version of Stardew Valley.


Yes, that sounds awesome! So many good ideas in this thread.

Star Wars is wasted on being a giant multi-billion dollar franchise. They are much too preoccupied with making slick games with no experimentation. One of the good things about the Lucasarts days was there was a certain level of jank and experimentation since all of Lucasarts was a sort of experiment. AAA has become so huge that being too experimental is dangerous.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again people should get together and make the equivalent of the SCP wiki but for a public domain Sci-fi knock off Star Wars.

I really do think we live in a time where if a group of people got together and started making large public domain universes that had some kind of copy left license so that no one could ever truly own any of the IP it could lead to great things.


I kinda wish the Sims expansion Gita talked about on the show was a little more vast and comprehensive, rather than a virtual Galaxy’s Edge theme park.

I almost wish there was an Animal Crossing-type game but make it Star Wars or some other big sci fi franchise (please let me run Commander Shephard’s favorite store on the Citadel). It doesn’t have to be as cutesy and cuddly as AC because that wouldn’t fit the aesthetic, but just a game that encourages more exploration and engagement with the world… I don’t know, I feel this need for something that allows me to just live in the world for a long while. I think this is one of the reasons I played EVE Online (until I realized I was destroying my mental health with it). I really want a game where I can choose my own experience. Where combat is absolutely not required to have a good time and where I’m not the hero of the story but I’m the hero of my own story. This is why SWTOR will never do that for me (but also it’s so awfully grindy in a way that makes me bounce off real fast).


A Star Wars sims or management game would be great! Instead, now we are getting another tie in with friggin theme park:

It’s kind of what we are talking about, with some non-combat mini games…but it’s VR only and doesn’t look that appealing tbh.

I like the idea of an “open source” style Star Wars ripoff, that would be great! It would be great if it was a Republic style galaxy, and not yet another evil empire though.


I’m honestly shocked nobody’s ever made an Elite style game where you roam the galaxy trading, bounty hunting or otherwise in clunky old Star Wars ships.


So…are we all going to pitch in to buy the rights to make Star Wars games from EA now? I have $20.


I would absolutely lose myself in something like this. We can dream.

Very salient points of this thread, I would love to see any number of these ideas come anywhere close to being realised in a game.

Does anyone remember the tie in PC game for the Phantom Menace? I was only 7 or 8 but remember being really into it. It wasn’t without it’s problems but was from an era when developers were trying to make full length interactive versions of films, and it really pretty much covers the entire plot.

There are some really engrossing sequences like when you play as Qui-Gon wandering around talking to Tattoine denizens trying to get parts to fix your ship, and completing random little quests. Some articles and retrospectives I’ve read liken those parts to old school Lucasarts games like Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island. I reckon that rings true, the enjoyment I got out of the slower paced exploration and puzzle solving isn’t something I’ve found in any other more recent Star Wars games.