I Kind of Hated ‘Phantom Thread,’ But Respect the Troll

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I’ve been out of the film zeitgeist for a while now, so forgive me if high-brow cinema has been going in a vomit-kink direction. But based on The Phantom Thread, there’s only one conclusion I can draw:

Movies were a mistake.

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The Guest is my favorite troll movie.

My friend and I were looking for a movie to go see one night, and we found that The Guest had incredibly good reviews, despite the trailer looking like the most boring action movie imaginable.

Out of pure curiosity, we went to see what we thought was a semi-stylish action/thriller. What we saw was one of the most original comedies I have ever seen. Seeing it in the theater was magical, hearing the audience slowly start laughing more and more as we all figured it out together.

And I really gotta see The Phantom Thread, now that I’ve spoiled it for myself!


Thank you so much for this danielle. i’d been looking everywhere for what the twist was because i was getting tired of all the talk around this movie being “ohhh i don’t wanna spoil the twist just go see it” when I knew i was probably not gonna like it. Thank you for saving me some time and money!


One of our union perks is actually getting screeners for movies, so, the whole time I was watching this, I was like “thank god I didn’t spend money on this.”


I don’t know if this fits the exact same description per se, but the original Oldboy knocked me on my ass when the other shoe dropped. And then it just keeps going… I don’t want to spoil anything even though it’s almost 15 years old at this point but holy god damn the final act of that movie is just something else.


I’m massively looking forward to this, and this may have intrigued me more (I suspected that, it being a PTA film, it wouldn’t be as conventional as the trailers seemed). I see, though, that it looks like this’ll be as divisive as The Master and Inherent Vice were.

Takashi Miike’s Dead or Alive is a hell of a movie, but the ending is something else.
There’s just SO MUCH going on in the opening 4 minutes:


While by no means a gritty realist picture, the rest of the film is a vaguely grounded in reality cop versus yakuza showdown, but at the very end one combatant whips a rocket launcher from hammerspace while the other one rips out his own glowing heart to use as a fireball and the resulting impact of rocket and fireball results in the annihilation of the world. roll credits.


Really wanting to read this article but also really not wanting to get spoiled! Aaaah!

I’ll probably see it because I’m a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson’s work but I also probably won’t because I never get out of the house.

EDIT: I saw the film, and I really didn’t perceive anything about kink or anything. This article comes across to me like Danielle isn’t very familiar with PTA’s (at least recent) work? Not that she’s expected to, but the kind of plot and ways the film proceeded are not at all strange for his career.

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