I lied to the forums and now Discourse Dot Zone thinks it's my birthday

How do I atone for my sin?

Your punishment is automatic.
The candle that burns twice as many candles, buys twice as many candles.
You have two birthdays, and will age twice as fast now. Happy birthday!


Crud I’m turning gray already


so that’s why the forum’s celebrating so much. Everyone’s just a liar…

If it makes you feel any better, I think a lot of us aged a few years last year.

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Such a blatant and shameful lie should be against the CoC.

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This is just your new birthday now. Happy birthday.


This a good solution, happy birthday @VulpesAbsurda

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Well I guess Russian hackers don’t have this new one so maybe Is should just roll with it. Good thing I gave the forums a fake social security number ending in 0420

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