I Love You ๐Ÿ’— (Love Thread)


I just wanted to let you know youโ€™re loved. Please share your messages of love to others!:heartpulse:


i love u tacos :heart:


#Big ole kiss on the cheek


I love the smell of the late-spring breeze through an open window. It is the perfect time to be inside.

Also, all of you!


this hereโ€™s a primo A+ thread

love yโ€™all :heart:


i love you wobot


To all my anxiety family - I want to tell you that you are loved and you are worth loving. There are those around you who love you just the way you are, please never ever forget that. Always available to talk if you need it.





:heart: I think you are cute :heart:


Please take care of yourself. Drink water, eat when youโ€™re hungry. Sleep when you need to.

Youโ€™re loved.


great thread (not sarcasm)


Youโ€™re all smart and good and as the great Danielle Riendeau said, letโ€™s be good and be good at it. So far yaโ€™ll are crushing her edict.:revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


Love? VERY good.

Love your friends, love yourself, love the things in your life that center you even if itโ€™s a game even if itโ€™s a dumb TV show, and donโ€™t be afraid to admit it, because thereโ€™s too too too much bullshit weighing us down every day, and there always will be, so we always need love in our lives to ground us. Embrace it! Literally! Hugs are great.


I love you Waypoint crew!


Well this super cute. Thanks, OP! Now I want tacos


I love this whole community, this sweet waypoint family <3


earnest sincerity, my weak point. :heart:

be well, waypointers. weโ€™re here for each other


Yโ€™all are like my family. I donโ€™t like any of you but the law requires me to love you


Still sad, still anxious. Waypoint is the best. :heart: you all.