I’m Starting the New Year Off Right, With… Games from Last Year


Since a good deal of the bigger new releases this month are remakes or re-releases, and because there were a number of tantalizing 2018 games I didn’t get to on time, I’m very excited to play some older games this January. As I said on my 2018 top ten podcast with Cado, I suspect The Return of the Obra Dinn will be like catnip for me, and maybe my 2019’s 2018 game of the year. I’m excited to play much more Smash Ultimate, and finally lay into The Missing and Austin’s #2 Pick, Heaven Will Be Mine.

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I hope you enjoy Oxygen Not Included! It’s one of the more challenging offspring of Dwarf Fortress, given its emphasis on fluid mechanics. It’s always delightful to hear and read your thoughts about games that you love–Prey, Into the Breach, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Even if Oxygen Not Included doesn’t join this list (I really hope that it would), I hope that 2019 brings you more games to fall in love with.