I made a Twine game because I was thinking about the problem of deadnaming in Red Strings Club


Here it is.

It’s not very good. I actually think I actively dislike it. I don’t really have a point I’m trying to make and yeah. That being said, better to start poorly than to not start at all, right? Ugh.

This was inspired by the premise (not the discussion, commentary, follow-up, etc.) of the recent Red Strings Club controversy of deadnaming. The articles that discuss it can be seen here and here.

I just figured I’d share this even though it’s pretty garbage anyway bye!!!


First of all, since your Itch page says this is your first game, congrats on making a game!

Playing this was interesting, as I don’t think I’ve seen a game based on an opinion piece appearing so quickly before (I’m sure it’s happened somewhere, but it was a new experience for me). I can’t say I’m certain I understand all the subtext here, but it was evocative. Thanks for sharing.

Edit: also shoutout to the share games you made thread where you can find other Waypoint community games.


thanks for sharing this! as i have been going through some internal conflict in regards to my given name, whether or not i should change it, why i may or may not want to, and what my name would even be if i did change it, a lot of the things discussed in this game spoke to me personally.

the name i use online is not the name given by my parents, but it is a nickname given to me by my internet friends when i was a preteen, based on my username at the time. so, in its own way, it is also a “given name”, and not something i chose myself after realizing my identity. kind of a strange thing to think about, i guess. i’m not sure if i mind it, but…it does seem…atypical to replace a name that was assigned to you without your input with another name that doesn’t come from you entirely. or maybe i do have ownership of it, because it was based on a username (as silly as it was) that i chose, and came from friends that i care about? and does it even matter, or are my feelings of conflict insecurity over whether i am “trans enough”?

sorry for rambling. names are a hell of a thing to think about! i guess i’m not ready to go through that door either.


Thank you! Yeah I thought about posting it there, but because I felt like it was of a particular subject matter in the community I would put it elsewhere. And don’t worry; there’s not that much subtext. It’s mostly just a stream of thoughts I was having.

@Lamprey I understand what you mean. I also have concerns about “being trans enough.” Names are confusing in the first place, especially with this identity. I’m glad my work was able to connect with you! Be well!