I Need Help With Writing an Article Series



I know all of you incredibly smart and very knowledgable about various topics in the realm of media studies and social sciences.

I am working on an series of articles about movies made between the end of the Cold War and 9/11. I want to focus in on the unique social situation that made this era of cinema, its interest in the changing and globalizing world of the time, the focus on a “pre-millennial tension” and “end of history” ideas, and its perspective on the emergence and popularization of new technologies during the time.

If any of you have any book, documentary, essay recommendations about this period I would greatly appreciate it. The work can be contemporaneous to the time or retrospective, they can be wildly off base or completely on point, I am just looking for perspective on how we viewed this time period and the movies made during it.


A few documentaries made either about or during that time that may be of interest to you would be Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room a documentary on the Enron scandal and fallout from it, The War Room a documentary about the 1992 Presidential election following closely the Bill Clinton campaign and team, and Bowling for Columbine which is a documentary about the social climate around the Columbine shooting and fallout form it. I also really like Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis but I think the period you’re talking about is the one he takes the least amount of time on.

I know this is kinda vanilla list so apologies if you’ve heard of all of these already.