I Need Marie Kondo For My 'Destiny 2' Vault

The new Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, starts on November 10th. Between then and now I have a few chores that I'd like to take care of in-game. There are quests I want to complete, and exotic weapons I'd love to grab. First, I need to conquer the game's mightiest enemy: my vault.

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I konmaried my way out of Destiny entirely, personally.


I may be the odd one here, but I kinda never use my vault? I get it, when you’re min-maxing end game content it’s best to have a varied arsenal, but I’ve been quite happy just keeping what I can carry and dismantling the rest. Perhaps this is from me being a console player, where loading into the Tower is a killer of my already limited game time. We’ll see if the next gen jump with its zippy loads will compel me to be more fiddly with my gear.

My question: Who else still has the Vestian Dynasty Petra gives you that she for sure killed Uldren with?

I for sure took that shot so that’s just another gun that won’t go above 1060 light level for me.