I Never Feel At Home in a New Place Until I Have These Three Things

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The desktop PC is definitely one of them. Also, I’ve got small surround speakers hooked up to it (not my home cinema ones, just some crappy logitech PC 5.1 kit) and I’ve got to have the satellites set up properly too, either on top of a shelf behind my sitting position or up on the wall.

My LEGO sets definitely need a good spot too. Crazy how I’ll take ages before hanging stuff up on the walls but decorative objects need to be placed immediately after furniture.

I haven’t moved appartments in about 5 years so I’m not sure I remember the rest, but I’ll be sure to edit this post next time I do ^^

For me, I feel at home when the kitchen is in enough order to cook full meals. Moving is always the time when I’m eating the worst, having as many as three meals a day be from delis and fast food. As a result, I tend to feel like crap during the transition. But once I can stock the pantry and fridge and make a decent stir fry? Baby, I’m home.


I have yet to move from where I live but I can for sure that I need my PC, collection of figures, books from stories to art. and my animal skull necklaces.

This is a big bummer because I spent five months trying to find an apartment near Reno/Carson City Nevada and there was a huge housing shortage. I finally ended up getting in to a place in November, after having been here looking since July

It is now January and I still haven’t set up my desktop PC, in part because either it got damaged in moving it from Colorado or because something may have fried the motherboard. And it is driving me INSANE not having it at the ready. I do have a laptop, which is what I’m writing this from (and have been using for day-to-day use for the last seven months), but it’s woefully slow and has overheating problems.

The other two things for me would be a game console and some way to listen to music. The music is especially important, because for the last, I dunno, decade, I’ve fallen asleep listening to music, to the point where it’s actually difficult to sleep if I have to do so in total silence.

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Blankets, something that makes hot water, a laptop.

Everything else I keep adding is fluff that I keep thinking I need in an apartment. I’ve only have to move twice and honestly after having to move because of a threatening neighbour we were just happy to be somewhere we could be comfortable.

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So much this. I can be sitting on the floor using a laptop on a cardboard box desk but as long as I’ve got a proper working (and stocked with all the gear I expect) kitchen then I’m home.

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Agreed, it isn’t home until you can actually cook comfortably (meaning the kitchen is somewhat organized).

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I have to set up my PC and desk. I don’t own a couch and I spend almost all my time at home at my desk so when I moved in I actually had only set up my desk and computer before my furniture even arrived so I slept the first night on the floor.

I’m a diplobrat so I moved fairly often & honestly the concept of home has been really difficult for me because I knew that every place I’d move to was only temporary.

I guess the two defining features that made me go “We live here now” for me have been setting up the TV room & hanging up my mask collection.

The TV room feels important because while every other room feels like it has some sort of utility to it the TV room feels like its just for us & kind of says “we can relax comfortably”.

The collection is mostly just to make the place feel less empty & since my collection has a lot of stuff from past places it feels like finally putting the last place to rest & putting it on display.

I still envy the concept of “home” though…

i definitely feel Rob on the inaugural speakers test. i always check my subwoofer with an Otto von Schirach track whenever i get my computer set up somewhere new. my other anchor items are my bass guitar and manga collection (specifically my Wandering Son hardcover volumes)

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I have to set up coffee to feel like I’m at home in a new apartment. Unpack the kettle, the aeropress, the grinder. I can make a cup of coffee and sit criss-cross applesauce on the floor, looking at all the boxes to unpack, and think, “Okay, let’s do this.”

I find that my definition of home changes with each new place, too. Every new apartment is becoming more and more like a home, with more photos and books and cozy spots. I’m eternally grateful.


I don’t feel like I live in a new space until a sofa is in place. Without somewhere to sit, all the boxes around the living room just feels like storage.

I’m currently in the middle of moving myself, so this is the perfect thread! I’m currently too familiar with large plastic tubs for my liking.

As Rob and @jaguar mentioned, getting speakers set up and tested is essential to feeling at home (recently I’ve been testing sound equipment with James Blake’s cover of Limit to Your Love and Massive Attack’s album Mezzanine). Otherwise setting up my board game shelf and being able to cook (like @Navster mentioned) really get me settled in!

I have to get foodprep sorted immediately, but really the first thing to go together is always, always the stereo. I can’t imagine trying to unpack without music.

I used to get the computer up quickly, but experience has shown me that I’ll use a functional computer as an excuse to avoid unpacking, so now it’s one of the last things I hook up.

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I just moved, and my two biggest things are likely obvious for someone posting on this thread: I need my gaming PC and my TV with a few consoles set up. I tried to get into having a 5.1 setup a few times, but the rear speakers are always such a pain. Recently, I’ve just started packing them away in the closet.

After my gaming and streaming setups, a close third for me is something much more difficult to come by after moving to a new place: organization and cleanliness. My partner and I just moved from a 1000 ft^2 house with a garage to a 650 ft^2 apartment, and even after selling, giving away, donating, and trashing a lot of things, there’s still not room for some stuff we’ve decided are essential. I’m waiting to see if these floating shelves my wife tells me are plausible aren’t just a myth.

I’m starting to feel like I’ll never get out of the limbo Rob mentions in his post, but I’m dedicated to working towards it. I have to get there eventually, right?

Definitely the kitchen for me. The last two places I moved to, I didn’t unpack clothes until I needed them, didn’t start hanging stuff on the walls for weeks/months, and my books and records all remained in boxes at the base of empty shelves until I knew I’d have company that would care. But I had to fully unpack my kitchen nearly immediately, get all the glass, dish, and silverware put away, reseason the cast iron skillets, and organize all my spices and such.

If I had a desktop PC during either of those moves that would probably also make the list, but I’ve been laptop only for a few years.

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You haven’t moved in until you’ve made the bed! Also ordering take out and knowing your address usually feels good - especially when you’ve figured out what to tell the delivery person so they find the place immediately.