I Really Need This 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater' Remaster to Not Suck

He’s also undergone some mid-2000s-ass publically aired/uncomfortably sensationalized personal issues that have likely made him a marketing pariah. Dude was on Dr Phil last year., though i dont recommend looking it up if you’re rightly uneasy about that whole awful relic of a media realm.

Hot tip if you’re like me and wondering how you get those really high score challenges. You can double tap buttons while grinding and manualing to do tricks and increase your multiplier. Also use manual and reverts to get to another location to continue grinding and keep the combo going.

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It makes me so happy that this ancient wisdom is being rediscovered and passed around again.

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speaking of manuals … is it true that the THPS1 has resented here has the manual from THPS2?

The game presents you with three options for trick systems that can be used wherever you want:

  1. Tony Hawk 1 (no manual, no revert, no grind changes, no nothing)
  2. Tony Hawk 2 (add manual)
  3. The whole enchilada (manual, revert, grind changes, flatland tricks, wallplant)
    So yes, you can manual your way through THPS1 if you so desire.
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as a tony hawk 1 purist i’m glad to hear that. definitely going to pick this up when it’s cheap.

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The caveat is that it treats it like every other “Game Mod” like the cheats, so you can’t flip these modes on for Single Sessions or Speedruns (which is the only way to redo the level challenges now).

There’s a lot of little ways things are segmented in this that are kind of a bummer, but only because the core is so good. Give me Create-A-Park playlists in multiplayer and Single Session you absolute buffoons.

So after playing a bunch of OG THPS 2, I bought a copy of the remake. Can now confirm that wow, the stats do really make a difference. But on the other hand, I’m enjoying climbing the mountain again. One question, is there any way to change off from Tony Hawk when doing the tour mode?

Kinda sorta ish. You can change skaters at any time, I think, but you have to go back and find their stat points again (your tour objective progress is saved).

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