I saw the QuakeCon presentation for Fallout 76 and I kind of appreciated how anti-griefing the game truly seems to be

I was expecting that Fallout 76 would be very much a case of players that grinded 100 hours being able grief and rule over newer players at will, so I was surprised to see all the mechanics designed to level out the playing field. Stuff like

  • That other player may kill you until you are level five or above (this was previously known information)

  • When you are attacked until you shoot back the damage done will be relatively minimal and more like as Todd Howard put it, “Slapping someone at a bar”. This at very least means no one will get one shotted by a player they never see.

  • PVP is balanced in such a way that regardless of level both players spit out the same amount of damage (power armor still makes a difference though)

  • You can ignore and block players to avoid them seeing in session and preventing any interactions (its unclear though what this means or if blocked players will be able to mess with your base)

  • And of course players who do manage to kill others without provocation not only get a small reward for it but a bounty on their heads.

  • Not to mention certain players can flag themselves as pacifists which will probably increase the chance of peaceful players meeting up and cooperating

Of course these systems probably won’t be perfect, I mean I can imagine certain players trolling others into PVP by shooting them with just enough bullets to not kill them, and what if a player decides to kite a level fifty enemy into the path of a level 5 player. Then there’s the nukes… which well, we shall see how this will turn out. Though whatever its imperfections, the fact that BGS clearly put all this effort into making sure new players are actually able to play the game they bought without immediately being put at the mercy of a griefer fifty levels higher then them, tells me that they at least have the right idea.

I’m very curious how this game turns out because I don’t see myself playing it based on the current progression and reward sustem.

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