I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream thread


Put down anything about ice cream from how much you eat, where you get it, and what your favorite flavor. However, just give up cause the best flavor is Taro/Ube, Ginger, and the king Green tea.

Shout out to the chinatown ice cream factory in NYC.


Can I ask… if it’s at all comparable to anything else - what does taro taste like? I saw loads of taro covered bread and taro doughnuts when I was in Thailand and didn’t have the guts to try it!

We have mobile sandwich vans that visit the business park where I work, and it’s super hot today (for us Brits) and I wish we had an ice cream van :frowning:


I main mint chocolate chip.


It a bit nutty, a bit sweet potato, and bit vanilla.
It best in ice cream form since the cream mix well with those flavor profiles.


ice cream, more like NICE cream
good one, self

I like raspberry ripple I’m so boring


Moose Tracks! My sister and I would “compete” to see who got more Reeses’ Cups in their scoop.


We just had a Hong Kong-style egg waffle place open up in Boston’s Chinatown and it is EXTREMELY THE GREATEST.


My favorite ice cream is plain old Sweet Cream, but you can’t buy it in stores so I tend to get a vanilla or cookies in cream when I want something to keep in the house. Or Ice Cream sandwiches! I don’t tend to eat a ice cream very often, though. I get a craving for it and then once that’s satisfied I’m good for like months. But my favorite places to go in the Somerville area are called Forge and Christina’s.


interesting! I could probably be down with that. Not sure anywhere in the UK would sell it though.

I’m also a sucker for a good mint choc chip, the Ben & Jerry’s peanut cup one is lush too though. Also super cheap raspberry ripple definitely has it’s place :ok_hand:


My favorites are grasshopper pie, which is mint ice cream with chocolate cookie bits and chocolate syrup. and white lightning, which is dark chocolate with big streaks of white mint. Grasshopper pie isn’t that hard to find but I only rarely manage to get my hands on white lightning.


You are all so interesting. I just go with vanilla. pure. Nothing fancy. It just…makes me feel nice. Simplicity, I guess.


Do you have a specific type of vanilla you like or is it just any vanilla? Cause I have a friend who likes vanilla but only certain brands and HATES french vanilla. I don’t know enough to get the difference personally.


I am bordering france so all i get is french vanilla so i am sad to say your friend and i would probably be exchanging passive aggressive looks.


here an opinion:
chocolate ice-cream sucks. it’s bad.


i only really like gelato. the best variety i ever had was lemon-basil and i only got to have it once


Yo, if you’re in or around Ohio you gotta go find Jeni’s icecream somewhere. The flavors are gonna sound like some messed up bullshit but seriously. Eat that ice cream.


A classic ice cream sandwich is the best.


I know it’s an obscure Bay Area brand of organic locally sourced ice cream and such is hipster trash but: Three Twins ice cream.

They even got the prestigious Sergio Romo endorsement.


Walnut ice cream is the Superior ice cream. It’s very hard to find, but well worth it


Rollin with a tub of this in my freezer right now.