I Subjected My Family to MMA, But I Don’t Regret It


This weekend, while doing a family visit for my dad’s surgery, I had the sublime pleasure of introducing loved ones to a thing I adore—that they certainly do not. I watched a few fights of the Fight Night Fresno card. Well, I watched most of the fights, they went to sleep after a short time. But they did catch most of the Alexis Davis/Liz Carmouche match (an errant fire alarm in the hotel notwithstanding).

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That Davis/Carmouche match was rough, I thought Liz had managed to win two rounds and did more damage overall. The hematoma on Davis’ head looked particularly nasty! Overall I thought it was a good night of fights, not the best, since a lot of my favorites ended up losing - but still fun.

I’m pretty lucky to have a brother that has interests pretty in line with myself and my work. Video games, MMA and esports are all something he’s interested in as well and it helps to have a connection in the family to help break down why it’s so exciting to watch and why these things are important to me. My dad doesn’t really get what I do for a living, but is supportive enough that I feel safe in continuing down the road I chose.

Looking forward to Winnipeg this week, a sweet main card is on deck, especially for a non-PPV!


I forced a bunch of friends to watch Lawler vs. Woodley, hyping up the fight the whole time, saying it was gonna be a war. Lawler’s my favorite fighter and he never fails to put on a show. Well for those who aren’t aware, Woodley KO’d Lawler in the first round with basically a single punch. It was embarrassing and funny, and I don’t regret it.

I don’t have any friends in my current location that are into MMA at all, so it’s tough to be motivated to keep up with the sport sometimes. A friend was a good sport and came to the bar with me to watch the Bisping vs. GSP card, but he was really just there for the Tex Mex. It was a really exciting night of fights… pretty much as good as it gets, but he couldn’t care less.


I subjected my family to MMA years ago when The Ultimate Fighter first started, and it stuck a lot better than I expected, even with my mom.

She doesn’t watch much anymore, because six to seven hours of fights almost every single weekend got to be too much for her, but she watched with my dad & I for years after that first season of TUF, and even came with us to a couple of live events, and a UFC Fan Expo.