I Took Pokémon’s Personality Quiz 50 Times

I’m pretty sure I know what Pokémon I am. Somewhere in the Slowpoke/Bulbasaur range? Kinda stout, kinda cute. On the slower side—but good Pokés all around. I also know enough to know that I’m not like my favorite Pokemon, Gengar, but would happily play as any of that evolutionary line. While I don’t necessarily think I embody their spirits, if I got them on a quiz I would be OK with that.

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50 times? Wow, that’s dedication. I too feel your pain though Cado, I only took the quiz once and got calm Mudkip (whom I do not like). Interestingly, the stuff it said about my personality (warm, kindhearted, doesn’t like to fight, a little gullible…) was all surprisingly quite accurate?? Just why does that have to correspond to Mudkip? :sob:

Anyway, I did end up going with Mudkip just to (supposedly) stay true to myself.


For anyone wondering, the nature to pokemon assignment is not random, it just varies by gender. So a Lonely nature corresponds to a Cubone if you choose to be a boy, but a Meowth if you choose to be a girl (Meowth being what the game assigned me unexpectedly, although I might restart when the full game comes out since I’ve hardly touched the demo).


I do remember this in the original games too, as I tried and failed starting as an Eevee about fifteen times until I figured out that it would only give you that result if you picked the girl option.