I Tried Xbox's Three-In-One Shampoo, Face, and Body Wash

I stepped out of the shower a changed woman—a worse woman, but changed nonetheless. The iconic lines from Wicked played in my head: "Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game." Yes, I had just cleaned myself with Xbox-branded body wash.

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I don’t know why I find this article so upsetting. It might just be that over the last few years I’ve come to appreciate how many amazing things there are to talk about in the area of video games and that scrolling through the waypoint forums and seeing an article about branded body wash just makes me kind of sad.

The most upsetting part of this to me was the fact that it’s an aerosol deoderant. I don’t know why I find this so upsetting, but i do.

Because that’s all people used in high school and no one wants to remember that period of life.


I believe it’s a liquid face/hair/body wash.

Yup, now I got Defying Gravity stuck in my head for all of July. Thanks.


Hey, if Soulja Boy’s game box gets an article, I think this is fair game.

How is this product not just a dig at gamers? Like “Hey we know you’re too lazy to clean yourself properly so here’s a product you can just put everywhere and call it good enough”

Well, I think that’s just regular lynx bodywash as a product which I bet the gamers already use so uh, really it’s just two great gamer tastes that taste great together.

Anyway I’ve been looking for Xbox branded lynx at my local supermarket but they don’t seem to have it yet, sadly, so I’ll have to wait a bit longer till I can drink this tasty gamer soda.

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Xbox Shampoo feels like the endgame of body wash products marketed at men so I want to ask - does anyone find ‘masculine’ body wash appealing? As in, does it have any worth besides reinforcing masculinity as a product to be consumed? I am a cis guy and I’ve been buying fruity body wash for at least the past few years because I know what fruits smell like, and they smell good. I have no idea what ‘masculine’ smells like, and since I started thinking about I can’t thinking of a single reason to buy such a product anymore.

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It’s baffling to me, too, as a fellow cis guy who’d rather smell of something less awful than Lynx et al. (Even when I was in the alleged target age range, I don’t think I ever felt like ‘masculine’ style scented products were actually appealing. They smell awful.)

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Amusing article! Thanks for writing. Even though I’d never buy it I was curious about what it would be like to smell like an xbox.

A lot of body wash/grooming products marketed to men smell terrible. However, I am generally someone who prefers “masculine” smells like sandalwood, pine, and cedar. It’s incredibly silly to gender smells at all and I wish you could just get a pleasant/light earthy body wash without the “FOR MEN” marketing and a massive strength AOE scent attack radius.


I think part of this comes from marketing to teenage boys who feel sweaty/smelly all day.

My partner is on testosterone, and something they’ve noticed since starting is that they feel like they need to use a lot more deodorant.
I think there’s something in the marketing of Axe products that’s playing on that insecurity before you’ve learned better methods of hygene as a youth.

They were reviewing only the wash because they couldn’t mail aerosols which means the deoderant is an aerosol. Which is very upsetting to me personally.

Ohhhh fair play.

Not to mention can anyone actually smell what body wash/shampoo someone has used?

It’s not like anyone you meet on the street is coming up to you and smelling your scalp. If you want to change your scent you are way better off investing in cologne or perfume.

I’ve never really found Axe/Lynx to be that horrible smelling, just that the marketing is eye roll worthy. It smells absurdly fake, but so does a ton of perfume or soap that doesn’t have crazy marketing behind it.

As for more masculine smelling products, I generally buy whatever is the cheapest body wash which is usually some generically named vaguely masculine scent.
Occasionally if there’s a sale my wife will get me the Noir or Bourbon Bath and Body Works body washes because she likes the way they smell. It’s got less to do with feeling manly as I doubt anyone other than her can smell me as they’re not getting close enough and more to do with it’s cheap and that’s what they sell. I’d have to spend more money to not have one of these generically dudish smells and I don’t care enough.