I’ve Been to Hell, Friends, and It Has a Name: Deepnest


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The Deepnest is terrifying, and I escaped, I feel, by the skin of my teeth. I ran into a bunch of nice bugs… but they seemed too nice so I fled and found my good Stag friend and he whisked me away to safety.


One of my favorite recent levels in all of videogamedom. Hollow Knight is a joy because it executes on ideas like this so well, and Patrick does a great job of capturing that in his article. This actually makes me want to go play through the game again. (I originally finished it in fall of last year.)


I just made my way through Deepnest, so this is very well timed. I think I had maybe a bit of an easier go at it due to having a specific item The Lumafly Lantern, but it was still gruelling, punishing, and twisty as hell. Some impressive and truly challenging level design.


Man, hearing the community talk about Hollow Knight so long after I played it just makes me want to jump in again. But alas, I’ve got way too many new (to me) games to play that I’ll have to stifle the desire.

Deepnest was probably the moment I most felt the urge to walk away from the game. I think I took a two day break the first time I died there, because it was some bullshit. I eventually got passed it and moved on, but it was so weird to come back to it later and it be pretty much a breeze to navigate. Is this what souls mastery feels like?! Because if so, it feels damn good.


I wish I had this experience! I don’t think I quite stumbled in the same way Patrick did. By the time I ended up in the area I was pretty powerful, had a lamp, and was going in on purpose to go after the goal in that area.

I actually don’t even know how you can ‘accidentally’ stumble into the area. It’s cool that it’s an option and that they designed the area in such a way.


Same haha. I didn’t think it was that hard but it was incredibly cool


I remember my first experience in Deepnest coming after the fight with the Mantis Lords and thinking “oh, I’ll just go a bit farther, it’ll be fine, I can always go back.” And then it just basically became this, because I had no idea how to get back and was terrified of losing all the Geo I was carrying.

Though Deepnest definitely has two of my favorite moments in the game, the Nosk sequence with its oh-hey-someone-who-looks-like-you lead-in that you should know is too good to be true but just can’t resist following anyway, and finding the hot spring and bench after falling down that long chasm. And there are all these cool bits of lore sprinkled around there as well.


The music in this area is so perfect too. I initially went in with no sound because I didn’t have my headphones. It was still pretty scary but once I came back with my headphones on it was terrifying. A spider suddenly appearing and the violins kicking in sent chills through me.

Also the route to the optional boss was incredibly unnerving. The windy path and how you caught glimpses of yourself was really scary. And then finally catching up and seeing the boss reveal was a great horror payoff. For those that haven’t beaten it yet keep trying! It was super tough but the reward was worth it.


Funny… now that I remember more. I didn’t enter Deepnest through the Mantis Lord fight. I didn’t fight the Mantis Lords until I had basically done everything else and then came back and found it. So I actually don’t remember how I ended up in the Deepnest. I just don’t remember it being a sudden entrance. There must be another way…if only I had my Switch with me I could check.


Yeah there is another way which is how I got there too. It might have been through Greenpath? Dunno if it checks out, been so long since I last played.


There are a couple of other ways to get in there but they’re all pretty late-game—the Queen’s Gardens has an entrance, and the Fungal Core leads down into an area right by the Mantis Lord fight, but I think you need some fairly advanced abilities to get to both?

You can also take the tram in, but the tram pass is in Deepnest, so I don’t think can’t be the first way you get there.

There’s also the exit Patrick got out of, which I think doubles as a way in, so maybe that was it?


Had a different experience because I came to this section considerably later in game. To be clear, nothing in this game was easy for me but I had learned enough techniques and bought/found enough helpful items that I felt like Ripley with her flamethrower/machine gun tearing through an Alien nest.


Every new bit of coverage of this game makes me want it more, but I want to save it until I can afford a Switch and take it on the go.


i don’t really mind deepnest, personally. i actually thought it was kinda fun. for me the real hell is kingdom’s edge, where all the [FaZe] primal aspids hang out with their friend “get to know your shade on an intimately personal level” hornet


I’ve been saving the Mantis Lords for later, so if Deepnest waits beyond then I am grateful to them. NOTHING has been easy for me in this game, though I really love the design and exploration elements. I was in the Waterways searching for a bench or a station in desperation and somehow ended up in Kingdom’s Edge… I pushed pass massive hopping bugs that shook the ground on impact and with one mask left found a bench outside a Nail master’s house. I thought I was saved… only to realize I was now at the end of the world with nothing before me and death blocking the way back.


I also didn’t have enough Geo to learn from the Nailmaster…


I went into Deepnest the wrong way, I guess. I beat the Mantis Lords, and they said “don’t go into the Deepnest, nobody returns from there”. And of course, because I’m me, I stepped right in. This is why we white people always end up in the haunted house in movies, centuries of superiority has made us arrogant and stupid.

I survived Deepnest still, having gained nothing but a newfound fear of Hollow Knight.


Deepnest is a garbage pile of nightmares and I hated every single second I had to spend there. That boss… That fucking boss was so god damn disturbing, partly because of a slight case of arachnophobia on my behalf, right up intil I figured out the trick to it, at which point it went from frustrating and terrifying, to merely gross and disturbing.


I tripped and fell face first into Deepnest early on too and I stopped playing for a full week because I was so lost and put off by the setting. I’ve never had a video game give me the physical sensation spiders on me before but Team Cherry pulled it off.